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Love Behind and Enemy [NC-17] (2.3.11)

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СообщениеДобавлено: Пт Фев 04, 2011 5:14 am    Заголовок сообщения: Love Behind and Enemy [NC-17] (2.3.11) Ответить с цитатой

Let me know if its worth the post Neutral

Yulia moves back to her home in Moscow from America.
Willing to do anything for a high paying job, her cousin introduces Yulia
to a friend (Lena), who's boyfriend has just the right job; Gunslinger.
Soon enough Lena begins to fall for Yulia after hanging out on several occasions. But little does Yulia know, there are more, bigger and dangerous problems she must face other than betraying her most feared boss to have Lena.

"Attention all passengers on flight, this is the captain. In about fifteen minutes we will be landing our final flight at Domodedovo Moscow Airport. Welcome to Moscow, Russia ladies and gentlemen".
"Finally" Yulia yawned looking out of her small window on the left.
Luckily for Yulia, the last passenger that sat in the seat next to her got off at the last international airport,
making it easy for her to exit into the aisle.

Baggage Claim 30 minutes later...

"Come on just grab your damn bags already" Yulia mumbled impatiently. She waited 10 minutes for the crowd to die down
before spotting and retrieving her bags.
"I need a cigarette right about now" She said taking in a deep breath then sat the last bag beside her.
"Yulia?" came an anonymous voice from behind.
She ignored the person thinking they must have been calling for another
individual. She heard the voice calling a second time and finally turned around.
A second later she had come to realize that
she was facing her cousin.
"Veronika!" She shouted and accepted a long hug.
"I can't believe you're here! I thought I was going to catch car service" Yulia said.
"I'm not going to let my cousin take a filthy ride home" replied her cousin.
"So how was your flight?", "Long and boring. I'm glad I finally landed", "I'm also glad cousin. Let's grab your things and get going, are you hungry?" Veronika asked as they walked.
"No, I had a meal just before landing" Yulia answered.
"Are you sure? I'm talking real food, not that airplane crap", "Yes I'm sure" Yulia laughed.
"Okay well, you've got company waiting so we're gonna drop off your bags and head over to my mothers, if your up for it",
"Sure, I haven’t seen the family in years".
The girls made their way to the parking lot.
"Wow, nice car" Yulia said running her fingers across the tinted windows.
"What?", "Shit, I forgot you can't speak English....um....It's a nice car you have" She repeated in Russian.
"Thanks. Uh....I speak...some English, if you want" Veronika replied.
Yulia smiled at her cousins attempted broken English.
"No. I haven't spoken in our language for a long time. I better get use to it again starting now. How did you pick up on
English words anyway?"
Yulia wondered.
"Well since you told me you were coming home, I thought I’d find some tutoring on the computer in case you forgot our
language. And maybe you wanted to converse in English sometimes"

Explained Veronika while driving
out of the airport traffic.
"That's thoughtful. I could teach you more words sometime if you'd like" Offered Yulia.
"No it's okay cousin. I had a hard time trying to remember those few words back there" "Okay. We'll stick with
Yulia laughed.
"Yeah. So how have you been out in America? We were all wondering how much you've changed since we last saw you. And from what I can see...you've definitely hit puberty".
Yulia listened and laughed at her cousins choice of words. But she also imagined her relatives speaking of her as she stared out
toward the buildings that filled the streets.
"Has it really been that long since I left for the States?" Yulia asked pulling off her shades.
"Let's see, you left home when we were seven...We're both twenty-four now. Yes, seventeen years Yulitschka. It's been a
long time".

~wow..~ Yulia thought.
"It feels less" "Have you missed home?" Veronika asked stopping at a red light.
"Of course I did. I missed everyone. I missed us being kids when we didn't have to worry about being adults.
But my life in America wasn't bad" "I see. Well I'm glad you're home now. We've a lot to catch up on".

Yulia smiled in agreement while watching the sun slowly set behind the buildings of Moscow.


"Well here we are" Veronika said pulling up next to a white apartment building.
"Is this your place?" Yulia asked opening the car door. She got out and curiously analyzed the building, as well as her new surroundings.
"Of course. I can't live at mama's forever" Veronika replied.
She proudly stood by Yulia and also stared at the building.
"Now breathe that nice Moscow air" Veronika said inhaling deeply. Yulia chuckled and joined her cousin.
"Well then, let's get your bags and head inside. There's still more to see" "Right".
Yulia shut the trunk of the car.
The cousins entered the complex and Yulia soon found herself standing in what would now be her new home.
"It's nothing fancy. Probably completely different than what you’re use to but it's home, and what's mine is yours cousin"
"It's cozy enough. Thanks Nika"
Yulia replied nicely and followed her cousin into a room that seemed to be a storage area.
"Sorry for the mess and small space. Really. I'm trying to find a place for all this junk. But hey, I got you a new bed.
No bed bugs, no stains. I checked myself"
. Yulia thanked her cousin.
"Well then, shall we head out before it gets too late?" Nika asked pulling out her car keys. "Sure".

Later that night..

"We should get going mama, I'm sure Yulka needs her rest from the long trip" Nika said. She stood up from her mother's
furniture and stretched.
Yulia watched Nika and also stood up to confirm she was ready to leave.
"Of course of course. I'm so happy you're home Yulka. We've missed you so much, as well as your mother and father.
Send them our love the next chance you get to speak with them. And stop by for a visit every now and again"
said Nika's mother.
"I won't forget" replied Yulia. She then stepped forward to give her aunt and uncle hugs and they were soon out the door.

Next Morning.
*knock knock*
"Yuls..." Nika whispered behind the door. She waited for a reply. Slowly she twisted the door knob and peaked in where Yulia was sound asleep.
As any other morning, Yulia simply rolled over to her side and moaned out of her sleepiness.
"What is it?" She asked pulling the covers over her face.
"Come join me for breakfast before I head off to work in a little while" "Breakfast? Sure" Yulia replied.
She hadn't had a real meal since her arrival.
"Great. I'll give you a few minutes to wash up" Nika said happily and closed the door.
Giving no effort, Yulia lazily threw off the top cover then kicked off the warm sheet that tucked her legs in.
Slowly she dragged herself out of bed then reached for her cell phone on the small night stand.
"Damn, it's already 11:30? PM?" She confusingly asked herself.
"But wait, I forgot I’m on the other side of the damn world...
so it's only 9:30..I think".
She set her phone back down and made her way to the hallway restroom.
The short haired woman stared at herself in the mirror then turned on the faucet.
She satisfyingly wet her blonde hair into a spiky position and began to brush her teeth.

"Good Morning" greeted Nika from the kitchen. Yulia walked in and sat herself at the small rounded table and rubbed
her tired eyes.
"Morning" She replied.
She watched as her cousin set a plate of hot pancakes and steamy bacon in front of her.
"It smells great" Yulia said smiling with a hungry stomach.
"I hope it tastes better. No ones ever had my cooking before. So did you have a good night's sleep cousin?"
"I did. I was confused by the time difference. It's almost ten right?" Yulia asked taking a bite if her bacon.
"Right. So…you got any plans for today?" "Well, I guess get settled in. Look for jobs in the newspaper"
"I see. Why don't stop by my job later on today. I'll talk to my boss about any position openings" "What do you do anyway?"

Yulia asked curiously.
"I work at this Italian restaurant called Mikhail's. It's four blocks from here" "Mikhail's?" Yulia said laughing.
"But that's Russian isn't it?" She continued to chuckle.
"It's my boss' name, he's Russian. From what I hear he's apart of one the
Russian gangs or mafias or something. Maybe that's how he's owning his own business"

Yulia listened uncaringly about her cousin's boss.
"So will you stop by for a visit?" Nika asked.
"Sure I will. What were the directions?" "I'll write down the street name and post it on
the fridge before I leave. At one is my break for twenty minutes. So stop by then. Get settled in in the meantime".

Yulia nodded as she chewed the last of her breakfast.
"Also cousin, I won't be home from eight in the morning until ten at night five days a week. My days off are on the weekends.
Today was an exception 'cause you're here"
explained Nika.
"Last thing, there's a bus stop down the street a little ways if you're not up for walking. Call me if it's an emergency and you could use my car"
"Really? Thanks Nika. I appreciate what you're doing for me"
Yulia replied pushing her plate away.
"Great. Any questions for me before I leave?" "Hmm....where's the nearest store? I need to buy cigarettes"
Yulia asked.
"There's a food market and gas station just down the street from my work. Walking distance" Answered Nika.
Yulia thanked her cousin a last time before she left for work.

During Yulia's lonely morning at the apartment. She showered up feeling happy and cleansed from the long stuffy air flight.
After she was ready she sat down and read the morning paper as planned.
"Damn, not even in this country can you find a job with decent salary" Yulia said closing the paper. She set it back on the kitchen table
then stood up for one more cup of coffee.
"Well, I guess it's that time". She grabbed her coat and apartment key and made her way to the bus stop.

Part 2 on the way
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