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The Perfect Enemy [Fan Fiction] (Rated: NC-17) [Part 2]
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: 09.07.2010
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: 09, 2010 9:17 pm     : The Perfect Enemy [Fan Fiction] (Rated: NC-17) [Part 2]

The Perfect Enemy by Order & Chaos
Rating: NC-17
Copyright 2010 @ All Rights Reserved

NOTE: This fan fiction contains thematic elements involving war and violence and contains VERY strong sexual content between its lead characters Lena and Yulia (obviously). It is rated NC-17 for a reason, so if this offends anyone, please skip this story altogether. However, if it is something you are interested in (and I hope you are) please enjoy and let me know what you think!

Prologue: The Russian Civil War

In 2016, Moscow lies in ruins in the wake of a violent civil war that has torn Russia apart. Much of the country has subsequently broken off into separate districts and territories. St. Petersburg is the new capital city and currently ruled under a state of Marshal Law by the remaining members of the Russian Government who fight tirelessly night and day against a band of violent Rebels born out of the conflict.

In the midst of the crisis, various surrounding countries have taken advantage of the situation by expanding drug and arms rings in and outside the countries failing borders. But more alarming to the Russian Government than the civil war that threatens to finally shatter the country once and for all, is the imminent threat of a Chinese invasion, a political crisis that has only recently been brought to the attention of the United Nations.

But, for fear of being plunged headfirst into a third World War, the United States has publically declared their neutrality in the matter and has vowed not to get involved in the overseas conflict, still tied up in the Middle East with two seemingly never-ending wars. Now, Europe threatens to collapse under war for the first time since World War 2. For Russians, it is a dark time, a time of famine and power failures all across the grid. For all intents and purposes, Russia is now a Third World Country.

Today, Russians struggle to survive each day because tomorrow is no longer a guarantee.

Chapter 1: Who is Nighthawk?

Tazil is a flyspeck on the map in the former Sverdlovsk Oblast district of Russia that once bloomed on its mining-based economy. This dependence on obsolescence was the citys eventual downfall in the 1980s and the city quickly became a ghost town. It survived in the form of a small village until the war broke out. Now, instead of the smell of spring flowers and young children running through village yards, the stringent and cold sound of prison alarms fill their place. As if summer hope had forgotten the city forever, permanent black clouds now hung over Tazil, as if constantly stuck in a constant state of depression. Nobody who lived here now could ever be happy.

A constant drizzle always fell from the sky, the feeling of a heavier storm constantly lingering in everyones mind. Perhaps this was why the few residents of the village were so angry to one another. Tazil was Hell on Earth, and it made perfect sense to Lena Katina why they would build Obelesk Prison here.

Obelesk was a maximum-security prison on the outskirts of Tazil that the worst of the worst had been thrown into. Many of the members of the original Rebellion movement now resided within these walls. The others were buried in a makeshift cemetery out back, victims of violent beatings of planned executions orchestrated from faceless evils far outside the prison walls. Whatever the reason, and whoever had put the hits out, it was never pretty. Lena saw what happened to the human body when it broke it was not like in American movies. She tried to shake the horrific images out of her mind, but since Moscow, nothing seemed to shock her anymore.

Lena, with her pale complexion and soft features, currently dressed in her soldiers uniform in the backseat of her car as her assistant drove her to Obelesk where she now worked. Lena Katina was a former Captain in the Russian government, having enrolled long ago when Moscow disappeared in a ball of fire right before her eyes, her whole life disappearing inside of it. But that was a lifetime ago, and today was not what she signed up for. Once a star in the Russian Federations response to the rebellion, Red Star, she now found herself reassigned to acting Warden of Obelesk Prison, an obviously humiliating demotion she received when an operation she lead in the Urals resulted in a double-agent in her company turning on her and her men an incident that left three members of her own company dead. She was lucky to keep her job in the military at all after that royal fuck-up.

She worked regular hours now and oversaw the illegal interrogation of the men and women inside. She even had a reputation as a hard ass with the inmates. Her superiors expected her to just quit, but she just worked all the harder at Obelesk to extract what little useful information she could to help her fragile nation reunite under one flag. Lena would have her redemption, but until then she took the day-to-day degradation, convincing her it would only be temporary. Lena hoped she could redeem herself, though. She knew it would not be easy since the very people she currently worked for were investigating her for betraying her country. She couldnt argue with them either.

But today Lena screamed at her overworked assistant who she imagined also landed in this position by some twisted route of cruel fate. Lena saw potential in her as well and decided to keep her around, even after the girl tried to quit. Right now, however, she was not helping her own case as she just screamed at her assistant to drive faster. Their vehicle rocketed into the air over a war-torn city street down toward Obelesk Prison. It was not yet two in the morning, and normally Lena Katina would be fast asleep or lost in a trashy romance novel by now, but not today.

She had received the phone call late at night. It was Sacha, her second in command at the prison. He had informed her that Nighthawk had been caught, the leader of the Russian Rebellion, a group responsible for the most devastating blows against the country since the civil unrest turned to fallout war after the Moscow bombing nearly four years ago. The Rebellion enraged her. How could Russians turn against their own people in a time when the Chinese pushed closer to their own borders? When they armed their weapons right outside their front windows? Russia had a real problem, and it had nothing to do with its own war anymore.

But to have Nighthawk caught in the area? She didnt understand the intel at all, and the cell reception was shotty at best in the area. Only satellite uplinks and cable lines worked anymore as most of the cell towers had been destroyed in the early stages of the war, or abandoned altogether for fear of enemy interceptions. She hated having to wait to be updated on every situation, but that was just part of the job. The mess had to be contained by the cadets on scene, and she would be the one to make the decisions on who would live and who would die. This was not a job she liked, but it was one fate had given her, assuming she even believed in fate anymore, which most of the time she didnt. Not after the things she had seen in Moscow.

When Lena arrived, dressed in full uniform, she marched down the halls with her comrades and hurried towards a basement cell at the end of a long hallway very few prisoners survived to describe. The prisoners who were dragged down the hallway, bound, gagged, with a dark bag pulled over the head, usually wet themselves before being dragged kicking and flailing through the threshold of the ominous room that lay behind the rusted metal door at the end of the hall.

What happened? she asked Sacha who fell into step with her while rifling through a number of wrinkled intelligence reports, freshly decrypted from the upstairs communication bunker. Lena was frustrated that she was probably the last person to hear the facts even though her rank suggested she should be the first, but it couldnt be helped. She just had to trust her men to update her every time there was a situation that required diffusion.

Nighthawk was caught on the outskirts of Tazil during a weapons purchase with a former Chechen General working with the Chinese, Sacha stated hastily.

Who is he? Lena asked.

Miro Nisselovich, fought in the second Chechen War after being recruited during the first by the government themselves. Ever since then, hes had a soft spot for the disenfranchised. We received the intel from one of our spies who has been undercover with one of Nisselovichs men, a small arms dealer named Dimitri Vertokov, someone on one of the governments black lists. Our spy made his first and only contact about Nighthawk not 13 hours ago.

And how do we know its him? Lena wondered out loud while skimming the intelligence reports handed to her by Sacha.

Trust me, youll know when you see her.

Her? Lena asked.

Yes, Nighthawk is a woman.


Chapter 2: Face to Face

Lena Katina opened the metal door and looked into a dark and stingy room where leaks dripped from the ceilings in every corner. Large rats crawled away from the only light in the room, a small illuminated bulb that burned hot and cold like a fire from the ceiling, it flickered over the thin figure tied to a chair in the center of the room. The figure was bound with a bag placed over its head. The figure was calm and breathed casually, there was no sign whoever had been captured was in any kind of a panic or afraid of their current circumstances. This was a professional, and the only one to cross Lenas path in a very long time.

Lena stepped into the room with Sacha past two guards and the door closed ominously behind them. Lena reached over the figure and pulled the bag away revealing the face of a young Russian woman with chiseled features and short dark hair matted to her dirty face. The womans eyes pierced Lenas soul when she looked into them. They were pure white, effervescent and provocative. And for a brief moment, Lena thought she had recognized something about the girl. Perhaps it was an imagined friendship, or the mind playing tricks on her, but there was something wholly important about this woman that she couldnt quite place her finger on.

And not only was the woman beautiful, but she was built for combat too. Lena could tell from the military garb she wore, and the definition in the womans arms that she took care of herself. This was not an enemy to be underestimated and Lena was going to be extra-cautious with her. If this truly was Nighthawk, then she had plenty to worry about if even one of the stories she had heard about her turned out to be true.

You are Nighthawk? Lena demanded more than asked.

I am, replied the young woman.

Forgive me if I dont take you at your word. See, every captured rebel for the last two years has made this same confession, Lena said, telling the truth. It must have been some type of diversionary tactic so that the real Nighthawk may hide in plain sight in front of everyones face just in case they had ever been captured themselves. But that she was a woman was even richer, the Russian Government would never by it.

At least not without proof.

I am more than well aware of the fact that I was caught because of a mole named Sergey Tuchkov who has been working under your second in commands unit, a small offshoot of Red Star scraped together by the best of the worst in this God forsaken town, the woman spouted with confidence. Her words rolled of her tongue with ease as if they had been practiced over and over in her head countless times before. So far, things were going according to whatever plan she had formed in her head, and that frightened Lena. She needed to be the one in control.

Lena tried to consider how this young woman might know as much as she did.

If you know so much, why did you let yourself be caught?

I had a plan. It didnt work, the woman replied almost casually. She smiled a second later, an action that worried Lena even more. Still, what was it about this girl that made her feel the way she did? She was getting distracted and that was dangerous in the field. Its what got people killed.

What plan?

That would be telling.

Lena smiled and leaned closely to the young woman who just smiled back. The young woman could feel Lenas hot breath on her face. Lena stared back at her, stung by her features. She was filthy, but beneath the grunge, she detected a hint of the womans scent. It was carnal and bit right into her soul. It instigated memories form her childhood, but just brief flashes. She was on a playground perhaps, maybe on the beach? She wasnt entirely sure. Was this some sort of nu-age trickery? She couldnt stand it. But the woman seemed to have all the answers hiding right behind her eyes. And the woman knew that Lena could see them, just lingering there right before her own eyes.

They taunted the redhead, undoubtedly.

You have no idea what happened to the last person in here, the last person to sit right on that very chair. We had to carry him out piece by piece when we were done with him. And trust me, he wasnt dead by this point either.

You dont scare me, the woman said flatly.

Perhaps not, but you arent the first woman to come behind these walls. Trust me, I dont need to scare you. Its the men who sometimes find their way over to this side of the complex that you need to be scared of.

Are you threatening me? asked the woman, generally curious it seemed.

Im merely explaining your circumstance to you. Sometimes people need it drawn out very plainly before they can understand their plight.

I suppose I am very stubborn, as I am still unmoved, said the woman studying Lenas every move, every reaction.

Girl, you are going to tell us what you know. One way or the other.

Perhaps, perhaps not. Or perhaps you will try and protect me, knowing that I am the key to the revival of your once promising career. The girl smiled devilishly at Lena, overly pleased with herself by this point in the conversation. Lena was shocked, and hated that she gave her surprise away. How could this girl know so much about her!

You know a lot little girl, but I know so little about you.

You know enough, replied the woman coldly.

Your reputation speaks for itself. Military bunkers attacked, Veteran hospitals, political assassinations but I know nothing past bedtime stories and urban legend. Why dont you at least give your name?

The woman smiled at this question. She had Lena right where she wanted her it seemed.

My name, the woman began. Is Yulia Volkova.

Chapter 3: The Deal

Lena tossed and turned later that night, trying to decide what to do with the girl she had left at Obelesk. The name the woman had given herself had struck a chord with her. Yulia Volkova. The name had turned up next to nothing in the database, but Lena wasnt about to make any official announcement without some shred of evidence to support her claims.

If the name turned up anything, another company or agency would sweep in and take all the credit. No, Lena needed to figure this mystery out on her own. For now, she kept the girl in lockup and under the control of Sacha in solitary confinement. Still, the name meant something to her, from her past. But what did it mean precisely?

That night, Lena dreamed that she was a child again, at her fathers cottage, one of her favorite places to revisit in her past. But this dream was different from all the others. Figures emerged from the horizon and stalked toward her. They reached out and cried for her. Lena, in her dream, as a young girl, screamed for her family who did not come to rescue her. She turned and realized the beach had grown dark, with clouds familiar to those that hung over Tazil, Russia. She turned back and the figures leapt out toward her, an alien howl echoing through the darkest chasms of her mind.

Thats when the call came in and woke her from her horrid nightmare.

Theres been a situation, the prison guard explained.

Lena hurried to the prison in her uniform that she had never changed out of. Lena was met in the parking lot by a couple of concerned prison guards who told her Sacha had just been taken hostage in the shower room.

Lena finally reached the shower room, now crawling with prison guards, all armed to the teeth and aiming down a blind corner into the actual shower room. Once she reached the doorway from the locker room, she saw one of the prison guards on the floor of the shower room, unconscious, and another curled up in a corner, covered in blood that poured out of his nose. Lena could now see that all of the guards were aiming their guns at Yulia who held Sacha in front of her at knifepoint she must have taken the knife from Sacha, as she recognized it as standard issue for the Russian Army, a blade that the prison guards did not carry on their uniforms.

Whats going on! Lena demanded.

This scumbag tried to force me here in the shower! Yulia screamed out.

Thats not true you stupid bit-- Yulia jammed the knife further into the Sachas neck and he screamed out. She had finally broken the skin and ruby red blood began to trickle down Sachas neck. Any deeper and the wound would be fatal.

What do you want to happen here Yulia? Lena cried out, suddenly concerned for both Sacha and Yulias well being. There were too many scenarios that could play out that would end unhappily for one or the other. Lena needed to find out which one ended well for everyone in the room, otherwise it could mean the end of her career or worse.

Yulia was shocked that Lena was concerned at all for her own well being and not her comrades. She met eyes with Lena and knew that, just maybe, she could get out of this situation. Without her, her fate would have been sealed. She would sooner take her own life before she let the guards have their way with her. But since Lena was here, perhaps it did not have to come to that she thought.

Fuck her! Kill her, shes going to fucking kill me! Sacha screamed out.

Shut up Sacha! Lena screamed. She looked back to Yulia who considered her next move carefully. She was a master chess player. And like all master chess players, she knew that she did not need to be three moves ahead of the game. That was a common misconception. All great chess players only think one move ahead, but the move they make is always the right one. And thats where Yulias mind was. She needed to make sure her choices made sense and were airtight. Any room for error could mean a fate worse than death.

I want protection, and I want to shower in peace. Yulia demanded.

I told you this would happen. You have information. If you dont talk, this will happen every day, every night, whether you kill Sacha or not.

Yulia could tell Lena spoke the truth, and that she was just as concerned as she was about all of the prison guards itchy trigger-fingers and lust-filled eyes.

And youre okay with that? Yulia demanded to know.

I am, yes. You have information that could save lives. That could end this war.

So you say, Yulia spat back.

Its late, and I am going to go unless you start talking

Yulias mind began racing. She could no longer be sure if Lena was bluffing. She knew she was a woman out of options who had been backed into a corner by her superiors, and Yulia of all people knew that animals were the most unpredictable and dangerous when they were backed into a corner or desperate. Lena Katina was not a woman to be crossed, this much she knew, and it was for this reason she respected her.

Perhaps the years had made her a tougher person from her early memories of the spritely redhead, but deep down, she had to trust that she was still the same Lena from her childhood. It made her sick that Lena did not remember her, but at the same time, she could not blame her. How could she? How could anyone hang onto memories as dark as the ones they shared. Lena had somehow blocked the memories out, whether she had done so consciously or not, Yulia did not know. But at least ignorance was bliss. Still, she owed Lena everything, including her life.

Yulia had to trust her.

I want to be supervised by you. Protected personally. Yulia demanded.

I am not your personal bodyguard, Yulia Volkova.

If I am so important, you will had better be.

Lena considered.

Lena! Sacha screamed out. If you dont kill her I will!

You will do no such thing Lieutenant, or you will find yourself a guest behind these walls permanently, do I make myself clear!

Sacha just scoffed at Lenas threat, knowing full well she would make good on it if he betrayed her. Lena looked into Yulias eyes that pleaded with her. She was actually afraid, and yet, though she had never seen Yulia so vulnerable, the expression was all too familiar. She needed Yulia alive, at all costs.

You have my word, you will be protected, Lena stated.

Yulia considered and weighed her options, and then finally dropped the knife, the metallic echo of the deadly weapon echoed in the confined room all around them, as if the sound itself had represented the climax of a situation that had just been diffused, but for that split second, it was anyones guess. For one moment in time, Lena was the knife falling to the floor, and she was sure she could see glimpses of her own childhood reflected on the stainless steel before her. And even more alarming, was the face of an unfamiliar yet wholly familiar girl standing beside her. Who was she? But when the knife hit the floor, it was gone, and she had just as quickly dismissed the glimpses. A minute later, she had forgotten the visions altogether.

Sacha turned around to swing at Yulia instinctively, but his body quickly went rigid and he screamed as if overcome by an unseen force. His knees buckled and he fell to the floor writhing in agony wires protruded from his backside and snaked up to a tazer held tightly in Lenas hand.

Take him to medical and remand him. Ill deal with him later. Lena stated. Yulia just stood back as the prison guards flooded into the room and took Sacha away, mumbling and groaning like a child, drooling the whole way out. Lena turned back to the remaining guards and dismissed them. They hesitated, but when Lena screamed at them, they quickly abandonded the room. Lena locked the door behind them.

Lena sighed, unsure if she had just made the biggest mistake of her life or not. She turned back and saw Yulia standing nervously in the shower room.

If you make me regret this Lena began.

You wont, Yulia shot back.

Lena nodded and turned to leave.

Where are you going? Yulia demanded to know.

To leave.

You are to protect me, at all times. That was the deal.

Lena considered. Fine, I will move in to the quarters I have here anyway.

Yulia nodded, suddenly able to exhale in relief. She was finally safe.

But I need something to go off of in the meantime. I cannot just take your word while I turn on my own men, Lena explained. Tazil was a mans word, as was Russia, but working in the Russian Army during the civil war at a prison? She had no illusions as to how her comrades viewed her. She needed every friend she could make, but those friendships were usually superficial and based of necessity. But this was something else entirely.

Fine, but for now, I need to shower. Is that alright?

You may shower later.

We are already here, and I am a mess. I havent showered in days. I smell like death and that animal who attacked me.

Lenas face softened at this last bit.

Are you alright?

Im fine Yulia mumbled. Nothing Im not used to. This last confession stung Lena. She saw genuine hurt flash across Yulias face and instantly felt badly about how coldly she had been treating her all this time. She imagined they could be friends but for the awful circumstances that pitted them against each other. What harm could a shower do? She didnt need the information right this second, anyway.

You may shower. I will wait outside by the lockers and you will tell me what you know afterwards. Dont be long either. I need to sleep tonight. You do too. We have a long road ahead of us.

Unfortunately my story is a long one, and I need to take a long shower also.

This is not my concern. Lena hated that she defaulted to this cold demeanor. She was not so uncompassionate. She was quite the opposite, she was empathetic, and sympathetic to Yulia, but her mind wouldnt let her heart overcome simple logic.

Fine then I will tell you here while I shower. Yulia stated.

With that, Yulia began to unbutton her unflattering uniform. Lena, wide-eyed, turned around and groaned, slightly embarrassed. She heard the various pieces of Yulias uniform fall to the moist floor behind her. A second later the shower turned on. Steam quickly filled up the room and Lena felt her own heart beating faster inside her chest.

Yulia Volkova, the mysterious woman who had drudged up lost memories from her past, was now naked behind her. Worse yet, she had cast an undeniable spell over Lena Katina, one that would not easily be broken.


: OrderAndChaos ( 08, 2010 3:47 am), 8 ()

: 09.07.2010
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: 09, 2010 11:28 pm     : Chapter 4: The Shower

Chapter 4: The Shower

Lena stood in the doorway, facing away from the shower room, keeping herself preoccupied on the mundane locker room before her. It was clean, that at least made her happy. Lena liked to at least keep a clean house to make the stay at Obelesk that much more tolerable. The sound of Yulias voice resonating from within the shower room sent a chill down her spine. Her own hair was now matted down and littered with beads of water, her own skin becoming flushed from the hot air that enveloped her from head to toe.

You turn your back to your enemy because of a simple case of embarrassment. I could have a concealed weapon. Yulia joked.

I will take my chances, Lena replied.

And this is why I have succeeded all these years.

Because you are so quick to take your clothes off in front of your enemy?

Because I exploit my enemys weaknesses. Yulia stated bluntly. Lena rolled her eyes.

Well, I did not agree to chat about philosophy or war tactics with you Yulia Volkova. I agreed to let you shower on the soul condition you could prove you are who you say you are.

Yes, I guess I did. There is a man, a high-ranking official, Oscar Vladikov he is a double agent with my movement, you can confirm the information with FSB tomorrow morning and they will confirm this. But it is information known only by privllaged members of FSBs senior-staff so they will come down hard on you without proof.

And you have this proof?

I do.


In a safe place.


Relax. I will bring you there immediately. I buried it just offsite before the raid when I learned of that I was going to be captured.

Lena sighed in relief.

Lena could hear the sounds of the shower hitting the young woman behind her and the sensual sounds of her using the thin bar of soap she had been given prior to the incident with Sacha to lather her whole body. She was certainly planning no ambush, this much was certain. Lena tried to think about anything but Yulias naked form covered in suds and wrapped in hot steam. What had come over her? She was no lesbian.

Is there no shampoo?

Only for special occasions.

Id say Ive earned it. Yulia said plainly.

Lena considered and then sighed, frustrated. She walked over to a locked cabinet and pulled her keys from her uniform and removed a bottle of shampoo from within the cabinet. She then returned to the doorway, by now filled with steam. Careful to avert her eyes, Lena turned back around before Yulias form came into view. She awkwardly extended the shampoo into the shower, keeping her eyes in the opposite direction.

Yulia rolled her eyes and strutted over to the bottle. Onc she was close up to Lena, she could see that her cheeks were flushed. She wondered if her cheeks were red from the heat of the shower steam, or her own embarrassment. Her curiosity had been peaked. Was she breathing heavier too?

So, you will just hand me over to the government then? Yulia asked, returning under the showerhead and alleviating herself in the solace of her hot shower that drummed heavily on her neck and backside, the water evaporating into a thick cloud of hot steam upon impact on the shower floor and floating up all around her, as if drawn to her very aura.

You are not my responsibility, only my ticket out of here, Lena replied.

Then you are like me, born to fight for what we believe, no matter what others think of us. Or what you have to do to get where you need.

I am not like you! I believe in this country, I dont betray it.

I am sure you believe that.

I dont believe anything, I KNOW it! Lena shot back, quickly turning her head toward Yulia instinctively, finally offended by her.

And thats when Lena forgot she had been arguing with a naked woman, and she found herself suddenly drawn to the figure standing nude before her. Yulias body was thin, and fit she was probably light on her feet and worked out in order to keep in such good shape. She had a flat stomach and small breasts with dark nipples, they were a perfect fit on her small frame.

Yulias head was currently arched back under the shower, soap and water rushing down over her rock hard body, down over her breasts, through her belly button, and further down to a small patch of stubble resting above her mound, and further down her long legs until ending at her feet. Lena was quickly aware that there was some stuble on Yulias legs too, and just a little under her arms. She was a warrior, and did not have time for simple day-to-day aesthetic touch-ups, only the bare essentials. Still, it was barely noticeable and she was the most gorgeous thing Lena had laid eyes on.

Like what you see? Yulia said, by now well aware of the eyes upon on her.

Lena turned back, quickly embarrassed.

I am not in belief of anything, Lena said, trying to rush quickly away form the awkward situation that had just bloomed between them.

We all are, including me. It is the inevitability of our circumstances, Yulia stated.

You are not so casual when you bomb our factories, Lena shot back.

And you are not so stubborn when you catch people like me, Yulia retorted.

Lena considered. She couldnt get the image of Yulias naked body out her head, especially her lack of pubic hair. It was unexpected from the types she was used to dealing with, women who had given up on personal hygiene long ago. But this girl was different. Her body was her weapon, a real Femme Fatal.

I am sorry I offend you, but you must understand, I grew up in a world where you were the enemy from day 1, even though, I fear, you and I may have been perfectly compatible as friends under normal circumstances. This is Russia during the civil war, you understand? You and me, we are not prone to violence, I can tell you are kind through your eyes, and that is all I can say to convince you that I mean well, Yulia explained to Lena who took it all in.

Lena considered and then sighed. She disappeared around the doorway and returned a moment later holding up a small razor and a bottle of shaving cream to Yulia, keeping her eyes away from her at all times.

This is also for special occasions Lena stated.

Lena kept her eyes off Yulia who she just stared at her.

I mean, I just figured

Oh, yes, thank you!

Yulia took the items from Lena who heard the cream being dispensed and lathered up beside her.

See kind. Yulia said with a thin smile on her face.

I am merely being polite.

Like I said.

No, polite stopped a long time ago. But now, to give me this razor you are empathetic. You still have your soul

I am not so sure, Lena stated, honestly confused on the subject.

I am.

Lena sighed. I just want it to be like it was, to have a boyfriend, go to the movies, hang out with my friends, be a girl.

Me too Yulia agreed.

Lena turned finally and met eyes with Yulia again. She quickly looked away. Yulia smiled. Lena tried to hide hers, but it was no use.

There, what do you think? Yulia said.

About what?

Shaving, did I miss a spot?

Lena shook her head.

Well, I need a second opinion and you didnt even look!

Lena sighed and finally turned to look at Yulia whose body was now silk smooth, her pussy completely hairless. Lenas eyes went wide and she nodded in approval.

Silk smooth, Lena said.

Feels like Yulia said, rubbing her hands between her legs.

So, why do you um shave? I mean, all over. I figured a warrior would be a little, how shall I say, al natural?

My ex-boyfriend kept begging me to, and finally I did. I guess I just liked the feeling of being so smooth really, and the way guys reacted when they felt how smooth I was the first time I let them in my pants


Do you like it?

Lena nodded, now drawn to Yulias naked form, as if no longer embarrassed by her. In fact, she couldnt stop staring now.

It looks good, yeah, sure.

What about you? Yulia asked inquisitively.

What about me?

Do you shave?

Excuse me!

What? You asked me first.

I cant believe I am having this conversation with you!

Hey! Im naked here! Yula exclaimed, a big smile on her face.

I didnt make you take off your clothes! Lena huffed.

Answer the question or I wont help you!

What! If you dont help me, Sacha is going to--

You wont let him hurt me, I know that for sure now, Yulia stated flatly.

Lena was cornered. I keep a little strip.

And, uh, do the drapes match the carpet? Yulia asked, now fully aware of the fact that she was getting wetter by the second.

It had started the minute she stripped behind Lenas back, but now she was soaking wet. She wasnt sure if Lena could tell or not, but she was having trouble controlling her most private urges at this point. She had never been with a girl before or considered herself much of an exhibitionist, but being watched by this beautiful redhead was turning her on. The fact that they shared a history, and that Lena had now saved her life twice didnt help the attraction factor, either.

Lena blushed. Yes.. Yulia had almost forgotten the question, her mind having been wandering to some of the most unlikely corners of her desire.

Would you allow me one more amenity? Yulia asked.

Whats that? Lena asked.

Would you mind if I masturbated before we went back to my room?


Please? I wont take long, I am already quite wet from standing here with you, and I dont want to get all hot and sweaty right after I shower.

You are wet because of me?

Yes, you are very beautiful. Why would I not be?

I thought you liked boys?

I am straight, sure, but theres something about you Yulia hinted.

And do you want me to watch you do this too? Lena said sarcastically.

Yes, please!

I was joking!

I wasnt

Lena considered and started laughing at the absurdity of the situation unfolding before her. She then looked up at Yulia who stared back down at her with a carnal hunger in her eyes. Lena wasnt sure how she felt about this, but she couldnt deny the fact that she had probably soaked through her own panties by this point. She returned her gaze to Yulias freshly shaven pussy as hot water rushed over it.

Alright Lena said and Yulia just smiled.


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: 10, 2010 12:07 am     : Re: Chapter 4: The Shower

Wow, is all i can say right now ... it's really interesting and very well written, so please hurry with the next chapter!!!

By ladyinsomnia

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: 10, 2010 5:19 am     : Chapter 5: Their First Time

Chapter 5: Their First Time

Lena looked up into Yulias eyes and studied them, keenly aware that she was now the object of her affection. Yulia found her hand between her legs and started to rub her clit slowly but effectively. Yulia looked deep into Lenas eyes when she looked back up at her and drank her image in. Lena could feel the weight of the dirty fantasies flowing through Yulias head, but this was unlike when one of the guards undressed her with their eyes. Yulia wasnt degrading her. She was worshipping her.

In Yulias gaze, Lena felt safe almost, and was honestly fine with anything that Yulia might picture her doing. What was it about this girl? She looked back down and saw that she was now inserting her fingers into her moist slit and moaning in response. Lena felt a familiar tingle between her own legs and was already acutely aware that she was soaking through her own panties. She wasnt gay either, but this sight was pushing her beyond her limits. Something had been woken up inside of her.

Arent you hot in that uniform?

Lena nodded and unbuttoned her jacket and placed it on the floor beside her. She then walked in the shower and sat on the bench in the middle of the room. Yulia stepped closer to Lena to give her a better view. Lena could now see Yulia was soaking wet, her slit glistening with her own pre-cum that ran slowly down her inner-thighs. She had small lips and her clit was swollen from arousal. Lena finally stood up and approached Yulia. She pulled her close and Yulia didnt seem to mind.

Yulia ran her hands through Lenas long red hair and over her beautiful face and pulled her under the shower where their lips met for the first time, Lenas clothes quickly soaking through from the hot shower.

Lena felt electricity surge through her body, as if it had been transferred from Yulias tongue to her own, the sensation sending shivers up and down her spine. Their tongues darted inside their mouths and Lena lost herself in the new experience, never before having kissed a member of the same sex. Yulia kissed Lena tenderly and soon they were making out. Yulia brought her hand up to Lenas face and caressed her soft skin. She found one of Lenas hands beside her and replaced it on her naked breast.

Lena felt the soft flesh of Yulias breasts between her fingers and kneaded it slowly, almost awkwardly, like a junior high school boy on a first date. Yulia smiled and began unbuttoning Lenas shirt without protest. Her clothes were soaking wet now and weighed three times their normal weight. Yulia finally revealed Lenas white bra beneath. Lenas enormous bust caused Yulias heart to skip a beat. She was more well endowed than she was. Her breath had literally been taken away.

Yulia smiled and Lena pulled the shirt off her body and tossed it aside. Lena then reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She hesitated a moment and then grabbed the straps and pulled the material from her body, releasing her large breasts beneath. She had large breasts with milky white skin and large red nipples that stood at attention directly on top of them. Yulia began to feel Lena up and soon the duo was fondling each others breasts while making out again. Yulia traced her fingers over Lenas nipples and even massaged her breasts a little bit. Lena tried to imitate her actions on Yulias breasts and felt awkward in the process, but it just made Yulia even wetter.

Yulia finally grabbed Lenas hand and shoved it between her legs.

Ive never done this before Lena breathed heavily.

Just put your fingers inside me as deep as you can. Yulia moaned into her ear.

Lena did as she was told and awkwardly found Yulias hole and quickly inserted a finger inside. It slipped inside with ease because Yulia was so wet with anticipation. Yulia groaned and immediately went for Lenas belt, she fumbled with it but Lena helped her awkwardly while she continued to finger fuck Yulia. Yulia finally undid the belt and pulled Lenas pants and underwear off all in one fluid motion, revealing Lenas thin landing strip of fiery red pubic hair beneath.

Yulia could immediately tell her pussy was swollen and soaking wet, her mound aching for attention. She gently pushed Lena back onto the bench and parted her legs so that she was sitting spread eagle, her pussy fully revealed to her. Yulia leaned in and could smell Lenas aroma emanating from between her legs, a musky scent that bit deep into her most carnal desire. She finally dove in and began licking her most private place as if her own life depended on Lenas orgasm. Lena arched back and groaned, almost afraid that another girl had just begun eating her pussy, an act she had only let one other guy do before. She had hated it at the time too, not likinf the feeling of exposing her most private area to someone like that. But now she didnt mind it, at least not with Yulia. Yulia was now swallowing all of Lenas pre-cum and began to push one of her fingers inside of her at the same time.

Oh my God Yulia that feels so good! Lena cried out.

You taste so fucking good Lena Yulia breathed into her.

Can I eat you? Lena asked.

When I have made you cum

Lena sighed and lost herself to the moment as Yulia shoved two fingers deep into her hole and began to fuck her in between licks. It was a double-attack she wasnt ready for and she quickly began to cum hard.

Lena arched her head back and her eyes rolled back into her head. Her muscles went rigid and the explosion rocked through her whole body and flooded her every sense with pure ecstasy. She wrapped her legs around Yulias head and began to cum hard on her face. Lenas cum flowed from her pussy into Yulias expecting mouth and she quickly began to swallow it all. Yulia loved the taste of her friends nectar, but thought she was going to asphyxiate when Lena clenched her legs tightly around her head during her orgasm. She finally went limp and released her, she fell back onto the bench out of breath and completely shocked.

Yulia crawled up beside Lena and kissed her deeply, and suddenly, Lena could taste her own cum on Yulias kiss, a sensation that instantly made her wet all over again, but Yulia quickly broke away from the kiss.

You said something about eating me? she whispered into her ear. Lena just smiled, now completely under Yulias spell. Then, even though she could have passed out right then, Yulia switched places with her and she quickly found herself between her new lovers legs. Lena was turned on by how smooth Yulias pussy was, and how tight it looked. She immediately moved in closer until she could smell her, and then she lost herself again. Lena began licking Yulias slit up and down and wasted no time fingering at the same time. Yulia cried out and came hard on Lenas face.

They fell beside each other and looked into each others eyes. They knew they had crossed a line, one that there was no coming back from. Yulia brushed Lenas red hair from her brow and kissed her lover on the forehead. Lena wrapped an arm around her and pulled Yulia closer to her until she was resting on her chest. Yulia could hear the sound of Lenas heart beating between her breasts, and was almost concerned by how rapidly it pulsated for her. They cuddled for a while, leaving the moment void of words or disappointment. They complimented each others bodies and love making styles and were soon kissing again.

What will we do now? Yulia asked.

That is up to you, Lena replied. Because I am yours now.


Sacha sat in the security room watching Yulia and Lena spoon on the shower bench. He had seen the whole thing. He would have been aroused if it werent for the anger surging through his whole being. Months ago, he had had a security camera installed in the bathroom for his own extra-curricular activities, an act he obviously hadnt shared with Lena. But what choice did she leave him when she dumped him out of the blue three months ago. And now she betrayed him by sleeping with the enemy right under his nose. And it wasnt just some captured grunt, either. This was Nighthawk! And she was a girl! He slammed his fists down so hard on the table that he sent a number of trinkets flying into space around him.

Sacha then picked up a phone on the desk that had not crashed to the floor and dialed an outside line.

Yes, he said into the phone when he had heard the familiar voice on the other end.

We have a situation he added.


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Perfect Shock
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Kouketsuno Rei

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: 11, 2010 1:57 pm     :

Whoa, things are getting a little intense. Interesting plot you got going here. Do continue!

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: 11, 2010 11:18 pm     : Chapter 6: Fight or Flight

Chapter 6: Fight or Flight

Lena, now clad in her soaking wet underwear, slipped her pants back on over her naked legs in the now quiet shower room. It was so soothing, how they had fallen asleep next to each other, caressing each others naked bodies and whispering sweet nothings into each others ear. But sometimes it got dirty, especially with Yulia, and that always made Lena laugh out loud. It might have broken the mood, but they both ended up with smiles on their face, and Lena was perfectly fine with that.

Lena turned back to Yulia and saw her, still completely naked and glowing from their recent romp. She was lying on her side, staring at Lenas backside, her eyes shot up the second she realized Lena had caught her.

What are you staring at? Lena asked through a smile, turning back around to pull her belt on.

Didnt get a chance to see that cute behind of yours earlier, Yulia replied.

Yeah, and do you like what you see? Lena asked.

I do.

Lena smiled and turned around and kneeled down toward Yulia. She ran her hand through her dark hair and down over her naked breasts. Yulia smiled and closed her eyes, losing herself to the feeling of Lenas hands on her naked body. Then Lena stopped, as if suddenly remembering something that had upset her. Yulia opened her eyes and saw the troubled expression on the half-naked redhead before her, the woman she had just made love to. The first woman she had ever made love to. The first person she had ever felt this strongly for afterwards.

Penny for your thoughts? Yulia asked.

How do we know each other? Lena asked, genuinely scatter-brained on the topic.

Uh, is that a trick question? Yulia asked, knowing full well what Lena meant.

Im serious.

Yulias sense of nirvana finally faded, and Lena caught a glimpse of regret behind her eyes. There was real pain there, and she needed to know what it was.

You know exactly what Im talking about, dont you?

Yulia turned her back and choked on the memories. How could she tell Lena? How could she break her heart like that? She deserved better than the truth. She wanted to lie to her, but she knew Lena was right on the edge, and that it was only a matter of time before she figured it out for herself. And though Yulia was nude, this was the first time she had ever felt naked in front of Lena Katina. Tears formed at her eyes, but she was careful not to show them to Lena. She had betrayed her in so many ways today, and only now did she realize what an awful mistake she had made.

Its a long story, Yulia began.

I have time, Lena said.

No, Yulia said. You dont.

Yulia finally met eyes with Lena whose eyes went wide with worry at the young womans expression of pure sorrow and guilt. And thats when Lena Katina knew what Yulia was hiding from her.

She had lured her into a trap.

Im so sorry, Yulia added.

And before Lena could give the situation a second thought, the locker room door burst open and a group of heavily armed soldiers came rushing in

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: 12, 2010 1:35 am     : Chapter 7: The Ambush

Chapter 7: The Ambush

The soldiers rushed in, one by one, each taking up a respective position of cover in the locker room. They were highly trained and extremely motivated soldiers, trained by Sacha personally. They reached the doorway into the shower room only to find it completely empty.

The soldiers all looked to each other, each one just as confused as the next. Empty silence filled the room. Occasionally, one of the loose showerheads dripped in the shower room. The sound of the vent kicked in and shook a couple of the soldiers, but the sound fell to a hypnotic hum that rumbled just below everyones radar of concern. There was no sign of either girl.

Uh, sir, the target isnt here, said the team leader into his radio.

They have to be in there! screamed back Sacha from the control room, watching the soldiers slowly push into the shower room from a small monitor. There was no sign of Lena or Yulia. That traitor!, he thought. He had made a deal with Yulia, had cornered her on the edge of town some weeks back. He was going to bust her, right then and there, but when he learned that they shared a common enemy: Lena Katina, he decided to kill two birds with one stone. But now, for her to turn around and stab him in the back like this, shed beg for death before the end. Sacha made a promise to himself that this would be her fate. As for Lenas, well, she might just join in on the fun. A thin smile formed across his face as the illicit thought travelled through his mind.

The soldiers pressed further into the shower. Sacha watched, rolling a small coin nervously through his hand all the while. He was worried, because there was a reason he was second in command to Lena Katina. Despite her botched mission in Siberia, she was an amazing soldier, and always fought valiantly in battle. She was trained in covert-tactics and hand-to-hand combat at the highest levels. That she was a woman only made her more dangerous, because her enemies always underestimated her, and that was always their first and last mistake they made with the spunky redhead. It wasnt until recently that Sacha had met another woman as dangerous as Lena Katina.

And that womans name was Yulia Volkova.

The soldiers looked all around: ceilings, the floor, even inside of lockers. Nothing.

One of the members approached the sauna room and opened the door he was pulled into the darkness beyond by a pair of feminine hands, his mouth muzzled in the same action. A beat later, Lena Katina emerged from the shadows, still in her bra and pants. Yulia had managed to pull her underwear back on, but it was all she had time for. Lena looked around the corner of the hallway connected to the sauna and spotted the rest of the rest of the soldiers there. She raised the soldiers semi-automatic handgun she had just stolen and turned back to Yulia, pointed the weapon straight at her.

You try and alert any of them, youre the first one I shoot. You play it my way, you might live to see tomorrow. Do you understand friend?

The word friend was venomous to Yulia who was unexpectedly now. She had never expected to fall for Lena so hard and so fast. So, Yulia just nodded in submission as Lena grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her out into the hallway. Lena dragged her out a back door into a connecting hallway that seemed empty until a soldier appeared out of the blue around a blind corner. Lenas eyes went wide he was too far the soldier raised his gun Lena raised hers and fired the bullet exploded in the mans chest he fell back against the ground and slumped over.

The other soldiers swiveled around after hearing the gunshot. The back hall! the team leader cried.

Lena turned back and grabbed Yulia again.

Run! she said and they both took off toward another door they burst through just as a barrage of bullets exploded on the wall beside them. Yulia cried out as Lena pulled on her wrist again, dragging her down another blind corner. She as so disoriented. What time was it anyway?

Lena ran harder and faster toward a large metal door she was overtly happy to see.

The soldiers turned the corner behind the girls just as they exploded through the door. The soldiers immediately opened fire. Lena swiveled around and opened fire and hit a couple of the other soldiers who fell back and collapsed into their own blood. Lena never enjoyed killing, but she knew in a time of war she could not be so lucky as to never have to face that decision head on, especially not as a loyal soldier to Russia. Still, she had empathy, and wished for a better tomorrow, and that the families of those she sleighed could forgive her one day.

Lena turned back and grabbed Yulia again. They ran down an expansive pick-up and delivery room loaded with large trucks. The lack of light from the windows high above indicated that it was still nighttime.


Sacha hurried down a hallway, followed by one of the security employees. Sir, shes just reached the parking lot! the security employee said while following Lena and Yulias movements from a handheld monitor uplinked to the security rooms control mainframe.

Lock the doors! Sacha screamed.

Sir, the failsafe will lock us all in here for at least twenty-four hours, the security employee began.

I said LOCK THE DOORS! Sacha screamed, interrupting the man from making any further points.


Lena and Yulia were immersed in total darkness when they slipped out a side door from the inner wall of Obelesk Prison. Lena recognized their surroundings immediately. They were in the parking lot, now crawling with blinding floodlights. Lenas eyes searched the area: all the exits were heavily guarded and locked. The parapets were crawling with soldiers, peering into the night below. It was a full moon, which made escape by shadow impossible. They would be spotted as clear as day if they made a run for it.

Were trapped! Lena cried.

But Yulia was already keenly aware that they were not.

No, we arent Yulia said, and with that, she grabbed Lena by the wrist and dragged her toward a large semi-rig that one of the soldiers was currently climbing into behind the building they had just exited.

By the time the soldier heard the impending threat, Yulia had already pulled him into a sleeper hold and tossed him aside like a used rag doll. Like Lena, Yulia only killed when necessary. Life was a gift, and not one that deserved to be extinguished unless her enemies left her with no other choice. Lena could see this brief flicker of humanity flash behind Yulias eyes and suddenly thought maybe there was something human about her after all. The girls exchanged a look, one where Lena could almost understand that Yulia was trying to apologize.

Yelling came from one of the parapets and gunfire erupted all around them. Lena reached up and opened the door to the semi cabin and climbed in. She turned around to help Yulia up. Just as their hands met, a bullet exploded through Yulias shoulder and she fell back onto the pavement below.

YULIA! screamed Lena.

Lena opened the door for cover and identified the shooter, a soldier atop the highest parapet. She took aim and fired only twice the man jolted back as if hit by an unseen force and fell over the railing, crashing below onto pure concrete. Lena jumped down and checked to see that Yulia was alright.

She was sweating heavily and her breathing light, but the wound didnt appear to be serious. Though there was a considerable amount of blood on the pavement below her.

Hang on Lena said as she helped her up.

Im fine just a graze.

Yulia was right, the bullet merely ripped by her skin, but never penetrated her. Yulia was already helping herself into the cabin. Lena closed the door behind them and reached above the visor for the keys. She shoved them in the ignition and was suddenly taken aback by the number of gears by her side.

You know how to drive one of these things? Lena asked, suddenly aware that she didnt.


They switched places and Yulia threw the vehicle into gear as she saw more men running toward them. The vehicle was slow to start, but thats when she saw the large metal gates at the front of the parking lot slowly close around them.


Yulia could barely hear Lena anymore. She had just remembered how cold her body had been, running around in the winter cold night in just her underwear. Yulia ignored Lena and pressed her foot on the gas harder until the pedal reached the floor. The vehicle sped up to impossible speeds.


A lone soldier ran up toward the speeding train and stood between the girls and their means of escape. He aimed up at the drivers side and took aim right between Yulias eyes. He fired off three shots that exploded into the glass right in front of Yulias face, but never penetrated it. It was bullet-proof.

The mans expression went grim when he realized his fate. The semi struck him and then the closing metal gates with such force that the gates literally exploded around the semi. For just a brief moment, Yulia lost control of the semi and the whole vehicle tilted to one side. But, with a quick turn of the wheel and some clever gear-shifting, Yulia was able to regain control of the unstoppable force. She slammed the gas down again and the vehicle roared off into the Russian countryside.


Sacha reached the top of the highest parapet and saw the blood from the man who had shot Yulia. Sacha ignored it and pulled a large semi-automatic rifle up from his side and aimed down the sight towards the escaping semi. He fired a number of times, but the semi was too far away. Sacha lowered the weapon and realized it was no use.

The girls had won.

FUCK! he screamed.


Lena turned back and saw Obelesk prison disappear further behind her, until it was enveloped in blackness completely. She finally sighed in relief. Yulia was only focused on the road ahead.

I think were clear, Lena said.

Not if we stay in this thing for much longer, Yulia added.

Lena met eyes with Yulia and shot her a venemous look that made Yulia feel a thousand times smaller.

Lena, if you let me

Just drive Yulia, Lena began. She looked down at the handgun in her hands at that very moment.

Just drive, and I will consider if I shall let you live a second longer.



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Exciting Shock
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: 13, 2010 3:58 am     : Interlude & Chapter 8: Secrets Revealed


Lena Katina, as a young girl, stood on the beach in front of the cottage she used to spend summers at as a child. She looked across the way and saw a young girl, about her age, with blonde hair. She looked familiar, but Lena couldnt place it. Standing directly behind her were the shadows from her dreams. They grew and expanded ambiguously behind the young blonde girl and Lena cried out for her, but she did not seem to hear her


Lena Katina sat in the basement of an abandoned house in the Russian countryside, some twenty miles from Obelesk Prison. They left the semi in a patch of forest just outside of Tazils city limits and stole a vehicle from a farmhouse less then a tenth of a mile up the road.

Now, Lena focused on the few remaining bullets in her magazine. The only sounds that emitted from outside were that of the Russian nightlife on a full moon, a familiar background that she spent her whole life falling asleep too. Lena was nestled by a makeshift fire she had started with a dusty blanket wrapped around her half-naked chest. She considered all of her options and then looked up at Yulia Volkova who sat across from her on the far end of the room, shivering violently in the cold, still clad only in her wet underwear.

Yulias lips were starting to fade to blue and she was starting to loose all the feelings in her toes. It would not be long before hypothermia kicked in. The wound in her shoulder had stopped bleeding, but it needed attention. It throbbed menacingly in the beginning, but by now it wasa the least of Yulias worries. If she survived the hypothermia, she knew still that she would survive the night. One way or the other, she was going to die tonight.

Chapter 8: Secrets Revealed

Tell me everything Lena demanded, a heavy weight on her shoulders.

Your second in command, Sacha, he made a deal with me. He busted me a couple of weeks ago and was going to turn me in, but when we found out we both knew you

I didnt know you until today, Lena shot back, but she already didnt believe the words by the time they left her mouth.

Thats not true. I know you dont remember me, but I remember you very well Lena Katina. I remember that cottage your family used to spend its summers at back when we were both kids, Yulia defended through clattering teeth, her impending death only minutes away. Her breathing was labored and she longed to be loved just once more in her darkest hour, but that was a fantasy that would never come true.

Yulia knew that she was about to die.

Lenas nightmares returned to her. The figures emerged from the shadows. They were Russian soldiers, but one of them was a young girl with light blonde hair, though with a semi-recognizable face. And thats when Lena remembered.

You were there

Yulia nodded. We played together on the beach a number of times one summer. We were friends, you and I. Your father, a decorated captain in the Russian army, had my family locked away one fateful day

Lena remembered it now, as if it were yesterday.

The soldiers kicked in the doorway and dragged out Yulias whole family, her mother, her father, and her younger brother. They were shoved in the back of a large van and driven away. All the while, Yulia hid under the porch while large footsteps exploded above her.

Lena, as a child, just watched on, not understanding the situation that had unfolded around her. Lena had mentioned the Volkovas to her father, and something had slipped that was not supposed to. Yulias father had secretly been a revolutionary, one of the first to speak out against the corruption that lead to the civil war. Volkovas familys disappearance and subsequent death was the inciting incident for the violence that turned to all out war. Years later, when Lena was living with her grandmother one summer in St. Petersburg, Moscow erupted in a fireball, and from that point on, she vowed vengeance.

She made a vow, just like Yulia had made.

Yulia vowed to find the redhead who took everything from her. Lena vowed to find the leader of the rebellion movement who had been blamed for the Moscow bombing.

The girls had been spending their whole lives looking for each other

You killed all those people Lena began, incredulous that the woman she had just made love to could comit an act so horrifc. That she had just made love to the enemy she swore to kill. It made her sick to her stomach.

NO! Moscow was not us! That was someone else! We were blamed! Yulia attempted to cry out. By now she had lost all feelings in her hands and was struggling to breath. She slumped back in on the seat and stretched out, no longer fighting the inevitable. A soothing calm washed over her and her vision began to tunnel. It wouldnt be much longer

LIAR! Lena spat back.

Its the TRUTH! Yulia screamed, her skin now turning ghostly white in the cold basement. She had only seconds left. You are going to kill me anyway why would I lie! she added.

Lena considered. We were friends one summer. Yes, I remember. I have completely forgotten, because your hair is now black.

I am a master of disguise. It is how I have survived all these years

So Nighthawk is a Volkova

Yes Yulia said through tears that literally froze to her cheeks before they had the chance to fall.

And you thought, what, that I was to blame! Lena screamed as she jumped up, handgun gripped tightly between her fingers. Perhaps Yulias fate would not be so soothing afterall. Yulia closed her eyes at the sight of the gun that travelled ever closer to her body.

The officer on site said it was something you had said managed Yulia.

And you blame me? I did not know what I had done! I mentioned a tattoo I had seen on his back. Oh my God And it was then that Lena realized. Her and Yulia were centrally placed at the heart of this conflict. It was because of them this war continued to rage on.

Oh my God. This whole thing is because of us. Lena said.

I swear Lena, we were supposed to get incriminating video of you, but I did not expect to fall in love with you. I hated you but I didnt know we were just kids how could I blame you

Lena was infuriated. Tears fell from her eyes and she felt the power between her fingers. She was nobodys puppet any longer. She was about to take control.

Get on your knees Yulia


I said get on your knees!

Yulia reluctantly got on her knees and began praying. She closed her eyes when she heard Lena step behind her and chamber the single round that would end her life into the barrel of her stolen gun. She thought about that bullet and how, all of her life, it travelled the world to end her life in this stingy basement while she fought hypothermia anyway. If there was an irony there, it was lost on her.

Do you have any last words? Lena asked.

Im so sorry! So sorry!

And with that Yulia Volkova braced herself for the explosion, but instead, only felt the solace of a warm blanket placed around her. Confused, she turned and looked up at Lena who held her hand out to her. Yulia did not want to think why Lena could forgive her, and so she let go and the world fell away from her, piece by piece. She heard the sounds of distant screaming. Perhaps it was Lena, but she could not be sure.


And then Yulia was with her family again. She was a kid, on the beach at her familys cottage. Yes, it was Lena screaming, but she was younger now. Yulia just watched on as the child version of Lena Katina, face covered in freckles, yelled her name from across the beach. She was gesturing for Yulia to join her, but she turned back and saw her family behind her, waiting. Yulia turned back to Lena and shook her head, a gesture that seemed to break her heart. Lena screamed out in silence as Yulia turned on her heel and walked toward her family. Then, to Lenas horror, Yulia faded into the shadows with her family and was gone forever.


Lena tirelessly performed CPR on Yulia whose body was now frozen and ice cold, her eyes staring into nothingness. Tears ran down Lenas face as she suddenly realized how much time had passed since Yulia stopped breathing. Then, Lena Katina stopped and looked back at Yulia whose eyes stared off into nothingness. And thats when Lena's heart sank.

Yulia Volkova was dead.

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: 13, 2010 5:33 am     : Chapter 9: This Girl, Loves That Girl

Chapter 9: This Girl Loves That Girl

Lena sat by the fireplace, completely numb to her surroundings. She wanted to keep crying, but she felt nothing inside. The one person she had ever felt this way about, a woman, had just died not hours after they had met. Within the same hour they had made love to one another. That she had just given her body and soul to this girl who was now dead was not something her mind could deal with. And then Lena realized that her future had been sealed, that with Yulias death, so too would her career die. The war would continue on and she would never get at the bottom of this conspiracy.

Against Sacha and the incriminating video he had, and the evidence against Yulia, she could never hope to be taken seriously again. She would be locked away, tortured, perhaps worse.

Yulia began coughing violently and Lena screamed out loud. She was in complete shock to see the lifeless body jolt to life, as if by divine will.

Yulia Volkova was alive!

Lena pulled the blanket from around her body and wrapped Yulia in it. She dragged her closer to the fireplace. Yulia moaned to life and looked up through blurry eyes at the pale complexion of a familiar redhead and a familiar smile that warmed her soul. Yulia smiled, confusedly at Lena Katina.

What are you doing? she managed to say, the forgotten comfort of warmth now washing over her.

Taking care of you Lena replied.


Because I love you.

And with that, the feelings in Yulias extremities slowly returned, and immediately burned in pain. Yulia welcomed it, because if she felt no pain that meant there would have been permanent damage to deal with. Still, it was pain she could take, pain she could grit her teeth through. But somehow, lost in Lenas arms, it did not matter. She knew she would be alright here. Friends turned enemies turned lovers. Truth was stranger than fiction. Lena leaned down and kissed Yulia, her frost-bitten lips bit her back but she did not stop until they were just as warm and wet as hers.


Later, Lena finished stitching Yulias wound up. Yulia was now wearing some ratty clothes Lena had found in the drawers upstairs, Lena wearing an old sweater also. Yulia looked like she had just come back from the dead, but she looked better than before, and every minute the color returned to her cheeks. She sniffled against the cold she knew she now had and tried to stay warm by the fire in Lenas presence. Still, she shivered, but not against the cold weather. It was Lenas hands on her naked arm that reminded her of their first time in the shower room not two hours ago in a Tazil prison shower room.

There. Lena said, finishing up the last stitch.

Yulia looked at it and nodded, impressed by her handiwork. The color had returned to her by now and she looked lively again. Her hair was a mess and she looked beat down, but it was nothing a shower and a good nights rest couldnt cure.

I am sorry Yulia, for any wrong I may have accidentally caused to you, Lena said.

It is not your place to apologize. It was not your fault. It was the fault of grown ups. We were kids. I know that now

Lenas expression suddenly became grim.

I thought I lost you, just then

Yulia considered.

I thought that was what you wanted

Lena met eyes with Yulia and smiled.

I thought it was too late by the time I realized that wasnt the case, Lena added. Yulia smiled and looked away, helpless when captured by Lenas gaze.

Lena started to brush Yulias hair with another towel she had found upstairs. Yulia couldnt believe she was alive. After all the horrible things she had done, surly she thought they would come back to haunt her. And to have Lena here with her, after all this time it was fate. How could it be anything less?

I am in control of countless rebels across the motherland. Whatever assistance you need. I assure you, I can get you manpower, firepower, intelligence, whatever Yulia stated.

That is sweet of you. I think we will need it when the time comes too. Because tomorrow you and I are going to take on both fronts, them against us.

Sounds dangerous, Yulia said.

Yeah, but theyre not going to get us. Not from where were playing. Lena added, the plan already forming in her head.

Yulia shivered once more and Lena drew her closer and began rubbing her arms up and down to help keep her warm. Yulia smiled, lost in the dance with Lena, wondering which one of them it was who was leading anymore.

You really think you and I can do this? Yulia asked.

I dont know. But thats tomorrows problem. Id rather focus on tonight Lena said.


Lena brushed a strand of Yulias hair out of her face and stared back down at her body, now temporarily covered in a strangers clothing.

Are you still cold? Lena asked.


Lena leaned in and kissed Yulia on the lips and then slipped her hand down Yulias pants and beneath the thin material of her lacy underwear, the very same underwear she had escaped from Obelesk prison in. Lenas hands traveled further south over Yulias freshly shaven bare skin.

Yulia let out a whimper into Lenas mouth as Lena easily found Yulias clit and slowly began to rub it while kissing her at the same time. Lena eventually pulled away from Yulias lips to gage the brunettes reaction to her advances.

Is that helping? Lena asked, staring devilishly into her lovers eyes.

Yes Yulia breathed, completely hypnotized by the redhead.

Lena continued to rub Yulia while keeping her eyes on her at the same time, desperately wanting to witness the pleasure melt across her face. Yulia arched her head back and started to gyrate her hips into Lenas finger. Lena awkwardly maneuvered her hand so that she could penetrate Yulias pussy, an action that caused her to moan out, almost as if in pain. Lena found a steady rhythm

Never lie to me again Yulka, said Lena.

Never Lenka Yulia managed.

Good. Now take off your clothes I want to make love to you until you cum so hard that you scream my name. Lena said with such conviction it instantly made Yulia wet again.

Yulia nodded in compliance and quickly pulled off her unfamiliar shirt and removed her bra, revealing her naked chest to Lena for the second time in one day. Lena immediately reached out to touch them, tracing her fingers across her erect nipples and pulling them between her fingers. Yulia then slipped her pants and lacy underwear off, revealing her smooth pussy to Lena once again. Yulia was on fire now, protected by the solace of the wood fire that had now warmed the entire basement.

Lena drank in Yulias naked body and pulled her close so that she could kiss her deeply and passionately, quickly finding her free hand between Yulias legs. Lena teased Yulia and rubbed her slit up and down, now soaking with desire, until penetrating her with two fingers at once. Yulia moaned in Lenas mouth as Lena began to finger her at the same time, the sounds of her fingers pumping in and out of Yulias pussy driving both of them wild.

How badly do you want me Yulka?


Lena continued to finger Yulia until she stopped without warning, causing Yulia to nearly jump out of her skin.

Lie down on that bed over there I want to fuck you now.

Yulia complied and got up, her pussy aching for Lenas attention. She was practically dripping by the time she reached the bed. Lena watched Yulias tight little butt all the way over and smiled as a number of devilish thoughts crossed her mind. Yulia then turned around and lied down on the bed, spreading her legs wide to give her lover a full view of her pussy, her lips completely swollen, her tight slit dripping with anticipation. Yulias clit throbbed and she couldnt help but deal with the temporary displeasure by taking matters into her own hands.

Lena watched Yulia watching Lena, Yulias hand tracing small circles over her clit as she slowly masturbated in front of Lena while imagining her in the most compromising of positions. Yulia imagined dominating Lena and making her submit to her every whim and will. She imagined being dominated by Lena and roughhousing with her naked. Yulia wondered what Lena was thinking about, and wondered what her darkest fantasy was. She wondered if she could help fulfill it for Lena. God she wanted her!

Lena just watched on and stood up and began to slowly perform a striptease for Yulia. First she peeled off her shirt, revealing her large breasts constrained by her tight bra. Yulia looked hungrily at Lenas chest and could only rub faster. Lena then pulled down her pants, and kicked them sexily away off one heel. She then danced seductively in front of Lena until she eventually reached around to unclasp her bra, the material fell away from her milky white breasts and fell to the floor by her feet. She then peeled off her underwear, revealing her thinly trimmed red bush to Yulia.

Lena then strutted over to Yulia and climbed on top of her and started to kiss her.

You have such an amazing body Lenka

Yeah? What is your favorite part? Lena asked slyly. Yulia reached down and immediately groped Lenas large breasts in her hands.

I love your boobs so much, they are so much bigger than mine

Lena smiled and began to kiss Yulia again. Then, Lena started to thrust her hips into Yulias until she was full-on humping her, their legs awkwardly positioning over each others bodies so that their pussies could meet, the feeling causing maximum pleasure for both girls. Lena looked into Yulias eyes as she slowly fucked her, Yulias hands grabbed onto Lenas naked butt and pulled her closer to her pussy and cried out. Lena just smiled, lost in her own pleasure, watching the pleasure she was causing Yulia from on top of her.

Yulia arched back and lost herself as Lena Katina began to literally fuck her. She then inserted her fingers back inside of her and Yulia cried out. Yulia clawed at Lenas back as Lena continued to finger Yulia. The redhead then began to kiss down Yulias neck, moving down her chest, and began to lick and suck on her small nipples. She playfully bit them, the sensation sending shivers running down Yulias spine. Lena continued her path downward, kissing her naval, all around her flat tummy, and continued further down until she reached her welcoming pussy.

Im going to eat you all night Yulka and with that Lena began to lick and kiss all over Yulias most private part on her body, lapping up all of her juices as the brunette just cried out and braced herself for an impending orgasm she wasnt sure she could physically handle. Lena couldnt get enough either, instantly wanting to take her all in. Lena took in Yulias scent and lost herself to it.

You taste and smell wonderful, Yulia! Lena exclaimed.

Lena inserted her fingers into Yulias hole and then removed them, raising them up to Yulias mouth. She took the hint and seductively pulled them into her mouth, sucking her own precum into her mouth, losing herself to the eroticism of the moment. Lena smiled when she saw Yulia suck her fingers dry and nearly came right then and there.

I will do whatever you ask me Lena Katina. I am yours.

Lena smiled and continued to eat Yulia out as she found her own free hand between her legs which, finding that her own pussy was already damp. She ran her hand through her red hair and then found her clit and started to attack it like Yulia had just done before her not moments ago.

Yulia I want you to cum for me, I want to taste it when you cum in my mouth!

Oh Lena, Im going to cum! Oh God!

Just let go Yulia!

Lena LENA!! and with that Yulia exploded and her body flooded with a pure high no drug had ever come close to for her. She was on cloud 9 for that instant and her muscles literally froze. For a split second, she had died again, and she was on that beach with Lena, but this time they just giggled at each other, embarrassed by their shared secrets. Yulia finally began to cum hard, harder than she had ever come before. Lena just closed her eyes and swallowed all of Yulia at once, completely inexperienced to the idea of swallowing another girls cum.

But she loved every second of it.

Yulia collapsed back and for a split second, thought she was going to black out. Lena appeared before her and started to kiss her gently. Yulia saw Lenas lips shining with her own cum, keenly aware that she could taste herself on Lenas kisses. Then, Yulia grabbed Lena playfully and turned her over on her stomach, revealing her perfectly round ass to her. Lena cried out, surprised by the sudden surge of energy from the drained beauty.

Hey! Lena exclaimed with a smile.

Hush Lenka, I am going to return the favor and Yulia began to kiss the back of Lenas neck. She then found her fingers inside Lenas mound from behind, pushing deep into her so much that she cried out.

Yulia! Youre so deep inside of me! Lena cried out.

I can hit deeper from behind, dont you agree?

Yes! God yes! Lena exclaimed as Yulia continued to finger Lena from behind. She ran her hands through Lenas red hair and started to pull, ever so gently. Lena loved the sensation immediately!

So hot stuff, how do you like it from behind? Yulia asked through a devilish grin that Lena could not see.

My God Yulka, it feels wonderful!

Whats your favorite part of making love to me? Yulia asked.

Kissing you, it is my favorite!

What is your second?

Eating you I love the way you taste.

I love eating you too. I think it is so hot that you have that small little patch of hair that matches your beautiful red hair. And the way you taste I cant get enough of it!

Then why dont you just go down on me already!

How about we go down one each other?

Lena just turned around and looked perplexed, but Yulia was already pulling her onto her back and positioning herself awkwardly on top of her, spreading her legs over her face from behind, her head directly over her pussy. Lena knew the term 69 and was defenseless against it. She immediately felt Yulias mouth on her own pussy, Yulias tongue moving all over her mound, over her clit it was too much. And the only thing she could see was Yulias pussy before her, waiting to be licked. Lena leaned and finally began to eat her lover out from behind.

Ill race you Yulia said.

Youre on! Lena replied.

The two lost count as to how many times they made each other cum during that position and eventually drained each other, both physically, and emotionally. They eventually ended up under the covers, playing with each other again and again until they couldnt take it anymore. Time eventually passed and the two eventually fell asleep in each others arms. The fire slowly died and the girls relied solely on each others body for warmth. At one point, Lena slipped out of bed, naked, and added more wood to the fire. She returned to bed with Yulia and fell back asleep.


Sachas team had finally finished searching the area of Lena and Yulia. He knew at this point he would never find them. But that was beyond the main point. He already had the video of their first time, a video he wouldnt mind watching over and over. But before he did that, he would show it to the head of the Russian army, and convince him that Lena had turned sides, and that a deadly attack was imminent. This war was about to take a turn for the worse, and Sacha would be promoted up a number of ranks before it ended. He would find his place in history, and he wasnt about to let Lena and Yulia stop that from happening, especially if they could ever find a way to prove his connection to the bombing in Moscow. No, he would never let that happen, and there was nothing he wouldnt do to make sure of it.


They had eventually woken up, later that night, realizing that they both had too much on their minds collectively to get a good nights sleep.

I dont want to lose you Lena, Yulia said, staring off into one of the small windows at the night sky, littered with stars. Lena stared off at them also, and imagined a place where she could retire with Lena where they would be safe from the dangers of their current circumstances, somewhere in the cosmos of outer space.

I dont want to lose you either Yulka.

Are you sure we can win this fight?

I am sure as long as I have you.

Yulia smiled and Lena drew her in closer for warmth and comfort. Yulia loved the feeling of Lenas chest pressing up against her naked back.

I have even thought of a name for this movement, Lena said.

Oh? Yulia asked.

Yes. After your fathers manifesto. There was an acronym under the title.

Tyranny and Totalitarianism Unite?

T.A.T.U. Lena stated.

Yulia considered it and remembered the four letters just beneath the title on the cover page of her fathers manifesto. It brought back nothing but happy memories from her childhood. A long smile formed on her face and she nodded.

Yes, I remember now

Do you agree?

Yes. I agree.

Good, then it is settled. I am one half of you, and you are one half of me. But together we are TATU.


(I hope that you have enjoyed my story! Comments welcome!)
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: 13, 2010 10:55 am     :

Fantastic! Lots of emotions and plot twists and OMG...you so had me going thinking that Volk was dead. Shock Well played, well played.

Do continue! My curiosity is piqued! Mr. Green

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: 14, 2010 4:30 pm     : Re: Chapter 9: This Girl, Loves That Girl

OrderAndChaos ():

that's good to know ... honestly, I can't wait for more Wink ... and YES ... I enjoyed your story very much, so keep up the good work!

By ladyinsomnia

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: 14, 2010 4:32 pm     :

I have enjoyed so far Smile

You have a very graphical writing style , I simply adore it Smile
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: 31, 2010 11:44 pm     : Interlude 2

*Note Sorry for the absence of updates recently. Ive been in the middle of a lot of projects that have been consuming most of my time. Thank you for all of your kind replies they are always welcome! Embarassed

** Interlude 2 **

Lena awoke in the middle of the night to the feeling of Yulia dragging the backs of her fingers slowly down her sides, up over her hips, and down the length of her thighs. She was suddenly aware of the fact that the covers had fallen off her body some time during the night, and that she was completely naked in front of Yulia. Lena was also shocked to see Yulia naked too, her eyes fixated on her body apparently - she did not yet seem to be aware that Lena had awoken. Yulias body reflected in the pale moonlight melting from the broken windows at the tops of the basement walls. And thats when Lena understood what Yulia was staring at. Her.

The last two times they had made love, Yulia was so overcome by desire, so burned with feral lust and pure hormones, that her first instinct was always carnal, physical, and driven by pleasure. You dont stop to ask questions the first time you see your lover naked, you just go with the flow and hope they can keep up. But this was different. Now that they essentially had had each other, had past that threshold, they were able to look at one another behind brand new eyes. Yulia was not just captivated by the parts of Lenas body she kept private, but by her whole form.

Yulia took in Lenas naked body and began to trace her hands gently up from her legs up through her pubic hair, across her belly button, up and over her large breasts which rose and fell with her gentle breaths, and finally up to her soft cheeks and through her matted and tangled red hair. Lena didnt move an inch, but closed her eyes and felt Yulias hands gently glide over her body, trying tirelessly to freeze the perfect moment in time and soak in it forever.

I know that you are awake Lenka Yulia spoke through a thinly veiled smile.

How did you know? asked Lena behind closed eyes.

Because you breath differently when you are awake. The Russian brunette replied.

Lena smiled and finally opened her eyes, immediately lost in Yulias gaze. Her heart quickly skipped a beat and a shiver traveled up the length of her spine.

Do you like what you see? Lena asked.

You have a beautiful body Lena.

Youve told me as much, Lena replied.

Yes, but I truly mean it. I dont just mean for sex either.

Lenas smile faded, Yulias eyes still all over her. Thank you, Yulka. Nobody has ever made me feel this way before.

Do you think we could be together? asked Yulia.

How much more can we be together? Lena asked, smiling again at the thought.

I mean, as girlfriends, she added.

The question seemed to take Lena off guard. I dont know I have never thought of myself as a lesbian before.

You could have fooled me earlier, Yulia smiled. Lenas cheeks flushed and quickly matched the color of her hair.

I mean this is all so new to me. It is strange, because, I still like guys too.

I do too, but, not like this.

Me, neither. Lena added.

Lena and Yulia looked into each others eyes, and for the first time, saw the others soul. They saw right past the social mask and the walls, right past the day-to-day pleasantries and saw who the other was. Lena leaned in kissed Yulia gently on the lips. She kissed her deeply and invited her lovers tongue into her mouth, and for the moment, the two bade out gently. Lena finally parted from Yulias mouth and stared back at her, her soft lips trembling for just one more kiss. For the first time, Lena thought she saw Yulia Volkova more nervous than she.

Its just I have not been in a relationship in a very long time. Lena said.

And I have never been in one, Yulia stated.

Lena just looked at her. Then it is no wonder you want to rush into something that is so obviously going to cost us both a lot of headaches. If not worse.

But we could be so good for each other, Yulia stated.

I dont deny that

Then what is the issue?

Lena considered, and then her eyes filled with tears. Yullia suddenly looked concerned, realizing she had just touched a nerve she did not know existed.

Whats wrong?

I was in love. A very long time ago.

With a boy?

His name was Jason. He was an American. We were both teenagers and madly in love. This was before Moscow of course.

Im sorry. I didnt know.

Lena wiped the tears from her eyes and looked back into Yulias. She forced a smile.

Its of no concern to me anymore.

Yulia just studied Lena, seeing past her smile and her heart immediately broke. That night was six months ago. She reveled in the warmth of the gentle and much-needed lovemaking session that ensued not moments after that intimate conversation. Now she needed it the most. Her fingers were frost bitten and ghostly pale as she clung to the top of the large semi-rig roaring through the frozen Russian countryside ever closer to the target at hand. She would only have but a moments notice and a fraction of a window to act upon once the enemy gates opened. But it wasnt the timing or the number of guards that worried her. It was the distance to that target.

41 more miles. Slowly, Yulias extremities began to quiver and her very soul began to freeze over. Her tears and snot froze to her face as the subzero wind chill exploded into her face. The only thought keeping her from freezing to death and letting go, letting go and falling into deaths warm embrace, was the distant memory of making love to Lena Katina. But it had been three months since she lost contact with Lena, and that worried Yulia. Now, more than her own objective and mission, Yulia worried about Lena and wondered what twisted dark corner of Russia she currently resided.

She secretly hoped she was thinking of her too.


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: 04, 2010 10:42 pm     : Re: Interlude 2

Wide smile ... yay ... you continued!!! I absolutely love this story! ... so please don't keep us waiting too long

By ladyinsomnia

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: 08, 2010 3:45 am     : Part 2 - Chapter 10

The Perfect Enemy by Order & Chaos
Rating: NC-17
Copyright 2010 @ All Rights Reserved

18 Months ago, former Captain in the Russian Army Lena Katina met the illusory revolutionary Yulia Volkova aka Nighthawk. After escaping from Obelesk Prison, the two decided to join forces under the call sign TATU in an attempt to stop an already escalating civil war from destroying the country they both love. But when Lena Katina mysteriously disappeared the night after she saved Yulias life, the night they had both made love, Yulia Volkova became withdrawn and eventually convinced herself she had been abandoned. For all intents and purposes, Lena Katina was dead to her. But Yulia did not falter in her original promise to Lena, and today continues to fight on the open battlefield that Russia has become.

But a day doesnt go by where Yulia finds her mind wandering to her first love, and whatever happened to her after their first night together



Chapter 10: 18 Months Later...

Explosions ripped through the crystal clear night sky and echoed through the air like thunder. Night became day and day night again. Members of a dangerous new group of Rebel soldiers littered the battlefield, waiting for the Government soldiers to fall into their impending trap. This new group of soldiers was known as Red Sun, and greatly feared for one reason: intelligence reports gathered in St. Petersburg suggested the group, a once broken band of Separatist soldiers, had now been reformed under Nighthawk. The Government was going to take no chances this time, and sent out a task force to eliminate any and all members of Red Sun, no questions asked. But Red Sun was waiting for precisely this overreaction. Nighthawk knew her name would be just the bait they needed.

The rebels of Red Sun now lay hidden in the foliage, covered in camouflage and body paint, their breathing so well controlled that you might mistake them for statues or dead bodies before real breathing people. The Government soldiers neared the patch of trees that the rebels now waited patiently, their breath hung low in the restless sounds of the Russian forest night. The Rebels thought about their loved ones and of their favorite childhood memories. They wondered if what they held most precious in life might be taken from them forever at the hand of an enemy bullet. The one they knew as Nighthawk trained them to kill swiftly, methodically, and efficiently, so that they would not have to find out the answer to these heavy questions the hard way.

Yulia Volkova rose first when the soldiers had made their way past the group and cried out. By the time the soldiers had turned around, it was too late.

Bullets ripped through the air and exploded into the flesh of the guilty and sinful as stiff bodies collapsed back onto the muddy terrain beneath them, their lifeless eyes drifting away into the starry night above. But it was just the first wave of attack. Now their position was given away, and reinforcements were already crying out and yelling across the pitch-black battlefield. Yulias second in command, Miro a young man with a boyish face aged by war, collapsed next to Yulia as the enemy soldiers neared their position. At first she thought him to be hurt, but quickly realized he was just acting with lightning precision. He was always trying to remember his training around her. Yulia admired this.

The two of them slipped back into the shadows just as the Government soldiers ran past them looking this way and that. They fired wildly into the night, but their call was not answered. Yulia kept her finger wrapped tightly around the trigger of her fully automatic weapon, waiting to recognize the moment when only she would have the upper hand if things went south and they were spotted. When the soldiers stopped firing, one of the officers shouted to the others, indicating that he had suspected the Rebels might have moved on further down the field into a different patch of forest entirely. When the soldiers eventually disappeared, Yulia sighed and slowly released her grip on her weapon. Miro recognized this immediately.

That was close, Miro whispered. Yulia just nodded back at him. Yulia liked working with Miro. He was a good kid she met on a mission six months after Lena had disappeared. Yulia had to find an in at an underground prison compound that was currently housing a needed asset for their strike against the Government: a computer hacker named Dimitri Paslov. It was Miro, one of the newest recruits in Red Sun at the time, who discovered that an 18 wheel rig semi-truck transporting medical supplies from St. Petersburg would be her only window of opportunity to break into the prison and retrieve Paslove alive. The mission was tedious, but an eventual success.

Yulia had been impressed with Miros raw intel and his eagerness to please her. She could tell right away that he was taken with her. Under different circumstances Yulia might have entertained the relationship on a level other than professional, but Yulias mind always backtracked to Lena. She remembered seducing her in the shower, and then how quickly she had come to death hours later on a cold basement floor somewhere in the countryside outside Tazil. She remembered making love to Lena and watching her sleep afterwards. That night, Yulia asked Lena to be her girlfriend, but the subject was sore for the redhead and Yulia did not press her luck. She eventually fell back asleep inside Katinas arms, but when she awoke, she was gone. No note. No message. No means of contact. Nothing.

At first, Yulia thought something had happened to her, and spent two months exhausting her resources in trying to find her, worrying night and day that something had happened to her. But eventually she made peace with the fact that Lena had simply abandoned her, had been too afraid to entertain their relationship any further, and thought she had a better chance of survival against the Government on her own. Sadly, Yulia did not blame her. She only blamed herself. Once childhood friends turned enemies into lovers, their relationship was always tumultuous and tough to both explain and understand.

Yulia shook the thought from her mind and returned to the eventual issue at hand. Their mission had been a success at the sound of her second unit opening fire across the battlefield at the remaining troops. At that, she gave the order to send predetermined radio interference across their channel to indicate their victory without giving away their position. Within the hour, they would all return to their base, an underground munitions factory long overgrown from the days of the old Soviet Union.

Yulia made her way to the public shower that quickly became private when all of the men preparing to shower modestly left to their leader for as long as she needed. Yulia stripped off her filthy clothes, heavy with mud and water, and peeled off her bra underwear. Even naked, she felt filthy. Yulia drew the shower and stood under it, letting the hot steam and vapor wash over her and take her to warmer memories from sins past, memories involving her first time with Lena. Slowly, Yulias skin changed from black to its natural pigment. What had become of Lena Katina? She tricked herself into believing she didnt care anymore, but it was a lie she couldnt even convince herself of anymore.

Chapter 11: Sins Past

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: 09, 2010 2:55 am     : Chapter 11: Sins Past

Chapter 11: Sins Past

Yulia stood under the showerhead and let the hot water wash over her and massage her naked body until she literally felt time begin to slow all around her. Every droplet hung suspended in space and reflected distant memories from Yulias past, and they were none of them pleasant. Her life on the road as a teenager was tumultuous and riddled with abuse and violence. It wasnt until a band of rebels took her in that she realized her miserable life could have a purpose in the country that gave her nothing. The faces of all those Yulia had killed suddenly reflected in the droplets and stared back at her with hollow black eyeballs, burning slowly in their sockets. But then, at the end of it all, was the beginning. And at the beginning was Yulias childhood friend: Lena Katina. As her father spent most of his life on the run, a regular Russian Jesse James, Yulia had never made friends with girls her own age at that time. Yulia practically laughed as her childhood memories floated by her and taunted her. Who could have guessed that the little girl that she would later grow to hate would be the only thing on Earth she would ever care for?

Then, without warning, Yulia was back in the Tazil basement. It was morning now and the sun was bleeding in through the windows. Yulia slowly awoke on an old bed under a pile of ratty blankets she had made her own with Lena earlier that night. She smiled for the first time since she was a kid and reached out to embrace her naked lover. But there was nothing beside Yulia but empty space. Yulia assumed at first that Lena must have been upstairs showering or perhaps, on a more wishful note, making a hot breakfast.

Lena? Yulia asked to a ghost when she stepped into the empty kitchen.

The air was still in the house and an eerie silence hung over Yulia that she dared not breathe in. It was like a poison lingering in the air. Yulia knew something was wrong. She continued to cry out Lenas name in every room until tears filled her eyes. Yulia dressed immediately and returned to base within the hour. Two months later, she had to give up the tedious search effort and move on. Her own men were close to abandoning her as their leader, and that would have been unacceptable for her. She needed them now more than anything. The day when she had to finally shut the search and rescue operation down was the day a part of her soul died. The computers died down and the maps were rolled up and put back into storage. Intelligence reports and leads were shredded. Desks and chairs were pushed back into their original positions.

When Yulia shut the lights off in the old conference room that night, it was like sawing off her own limb. Lena was gone, and she was never going to come back, and that was just a fact she was going to have to learn to live with. But learning to live with it had proved to be the most difficult process she had ever had to endure. She was constantly sick, suffered from migraines, and on many occasions couldnt sleep. On certain occasions, Yulia would attempt to pleasure herself in an attempt to bring some semblance of Lena back into her mind, but she could never finish without either feeling overwhelmed by guilt or sorrow.

A knocking came at the door outside that brought Yulia back to her present plight.

Come, she stated flatly. The outside door to the showers hissed open as Miro stepped just inside and shut the door using the automated keypad beside him. The electronics and power in their base had been somewhat of a difficult obstacle to tackle, but it was not impossible.

Maam, were getting ready to distribute field reports. Would you like a personal update? Miro asked loudly, attempting to project his voice down the hall and around the corner where Yulia stood, naked and wet.

As youd like, called back Yulia.

Miro cleared his throat and began rattling off some information from a piece of paper in front of him.

Miro, I cant hear you all the way out there. Just come in already.

Uh, yes maam, Miro said as he walked down the hall and stepped into the shower doorway. He immediately averted his eyes from sight of his commanders glimmering naked body, thinly enveloped by a blanket of vapor. Her naked backside was completely exposed to him. She stood there, hands on the wall, letting the water fall onto the back of her neck, clearly attempting to fight a headache. Miro couldnt help but steal a glance of Yulias perfectly formed butt, but quickly averted his eyes for fear of reprisals. This was not the first time he had seen his boss in the nude, and he was sure it would not be the last. Yulia always thought of herself as a soldier right down to the core. Modesty involving her nudity was a skin she shed a long time ago. Besides, Miro felt privileged to be held in such high regards that his boss would feel so comfortable with him that she would literally invite him into the shower from time to time just to update her on current field reports.

The Governments retreating all across the four corners. Reports from our eyes in the field also suggest that various government leaders are conversing at the end of the week behind closed doors. Leaders from many of the Slavic countries will be there, including a couple of foreign dignitaries. British and American intelligence are even rumored to be at this meeting, Miro spitted out.

Well lets see if we cant upgrade our reports from rumor status in the future, shall we? Her tone was stern. It was not a point to be debated.

Yes maam.

An awkward beat of silence fell between them. Miro hesitated, and Yulia clearly picked up on it. Is there something else? she asked.

If I may maam. And I know I might be out of line, but are you alright?

Yulia considered the weight of the question and turned slightly to meet eyes with Miro.

Do I look alright?

Yulia could see Miro cower, ever so slightly. But he stood his ground, and that was exactly why she like him. He wasnt afraid to speak his mind, even to her.

Im not sure how I should answer. But, you have seemed somewhat distracted lately.

Yulia sighed, frustrated. I havent been sleeping


Yulia poured herself a glass of vodka from her own private collection in her quarters. It was late, very late. She knocked the glass back and immediately felt her insides warm. This was not her first glass of the night either. The alcohol was already coursing its way through her veins and causing her to feel lightheaded. Her vision started to blur a bit too She wanted desperately to pass out and wake in a dream next to Lena. She fell back onto the bed and stared at the ceiling. When she turned to check the time, she was angered by how much time had passed without her getting one second of sleep. She sat up and rubbed her temples tenderly, trying to alleviate the oncoming headache that lack of sleep welcomed.

Its Lena, isnt it? Miro asked.

Yulia just looked at Miro helplessly and then turned away.

Ive been there with you from the start of all this. There was nowhere else to look for her. Even I kept certain channels open, and forgive me, but theres just nothing.

Yulia sighed, thankful that the shower would mask her tears that by now were falling regularly from her eyes and mixing midair with her distant memories. Being seen naked by someone as close to her as Miro did not bother her, but being seen crying was something altogether different in her book. It was a sign of weakness, and weakness was not something Nighthawk tolerated. But the level of pain Yulia felt could barely be masked from her own men, let alone from her second in command and personal assistant.

It hurts so much, Miro

Then, Yulia finally began to cry. Miro nervously approached her and gently placed his hand on Yulias shoulder. He would either find himself in the medical ward the next morning or be sent to his God if she did not approve, but there was no such repercussion. Instead, Yulia placed one of her hands on Miros and pulled him closer, crying harder with each passing second. Miro thought of anything but the feeling of Yulia naked against him and simply held her close, giving her the temporal solace she needed. Miro deeply cared for Yulia, but would never take advantage of her. So he took her by the hand and sat her down next to him and let her cry on his shoulder, his own wrapped around her for comfort. But Miro never so much as gave the peculiar situation a second thought. Instead, he just hoped that his friend would somehow get better, even if he did not have the answers.


East of St. Petersburg and what remains of Moscow, lies a vast stretch of endless forest bigger than most countries, the likes of which become so frozen in the winter months, that it is vastly uninhabitable by humans. High above this forest lies an arctic tundra at the foothills of the north pole. The snow that lies on this part of the world is untouched by man and hangs off the tips of impossibly tall trees and jagged mountainsides. In the middle of this alien snow world, a small boy appeared trudging hurriedly through a vast field of knee-high snow. He had thick rosy cheeks and long dark hair. His clothes all seemed homemade or adapted by hand on some level. It was clear that this boy was not from the world most people knew, but instead, existed in a context on the far reaches of the spectrum that only few could travel to, let alone exist in.

The boy eventually reached his destination: a large cabin nestled in a rocky hillside so covered in thick snow, that you might not know it were right in front of you if you werent looking for it. Only the trace outlines of a door could be made out by the naked eye. The child rushed to the door and banged on it repeatedly, almost as if he were alarmed by something. It opened and a large burly man appeared standing high above the child.

Papa! Come quick! I have found an a angel!

The burly mans eyes went wide and he turned back inside the cabin. Sitting cross-legged before the large fireplace, wearing an Indian style dress, was a Middle Eastern woman of unsurpassed beauty. Her eyes were closed and her hands held open in her lap as if in a state of deep meditation. The woman finally opened her eyes, but did not turn toward her husband, the man in the door. Instead, she considered the weight of the childs frantic words. And so the woman got up and opened a small wooden box filled with crushed herbs and plants inside. She removed a pinch and threw it into the fire it quickly roared to life and changed colors rapidly until finally returning to it-s original color.

Is this what you have predicted? the burly man asked.

No, replied the woman. This is just the beginning.


Yulia had finally calmed down and excused Miro from the shower. She had pulled him close and used him as a shoulder to cry on for lone enough, a fact that she already was kicking herself for. Under the shower, she was able to turn around and meet Miros nervous eyes. She could tell it was everything in his power not to let his eyes fall below neckline, but she didnt mind anymore. She just stared back at him and studied him, looked into his soul and saw the never-ending battle between good and evil that only good men fight. Miro reached up and touched Yulia on the face and she held his hand there for a moment, her heart temporarily fluttering at the sensation. Finally, she removed his hand and looked him square in the eye.

Thank you Miro. I think I will retire now.

Miro exhaled heavily. Yes maam.

But just as Yulia stood and urned to leave, she stopped, as if having an epiphany. She then turned back to Miro and he dare not to turn his head.

We have a new cadet. A Ukranian girl.

Kira. Shes been with us just shy of three weeks. Grew up with her mother in St. Petersburg. Very eager, Miro rattled off what little he knew of the girl, wondering if any of it was what Yulia was fishing for.

Send her to my quarters in thirty minutes, Yulia stated

Miro was confused by this request. He was only casually familiar with the girl because he oversaw her groups training when they first joined Red Sun.

I will tell her immediately

Yulia nodded, and with that, turned to leave. When Miro heard the door hiss shut behind Yulia, he let his head fall back against the tiled wall and exhaled heavily.


The burly man treaded through the thick snow with his child by his side. They were miles away from their cabin, and days away from anything resembling civilization. It was a true tundra that only the most rare forms of wildlife could call their home.

It is just over this ridge Papa! the boy exclaimed as they neared a large rocky ridge at the foot of the large outcropping their cabin was built into miles higher above their heads. As they trudged through the snow up to it, the boy exclaimed and pointed down to a large clearing spread out for miles in every direction all around them. There, lying in the middle of a snowy field was the body of a young woman, laying face down in the snow. From this distance, the only thing that the man could tell about her was that she had a very distinctive color of hair that stood out against the blinding white of the terrain all around her.

It was vibrant red.

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I'm feeling for Yulia... Sad At least Miro's a nice little shoulder to cry on.

An redheaded "angel" face down in the snow. Uh oh...I wonder what happened to her... Don't know

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Chapter 12: Body & Soul

Lena was back on a familiar beach watching her child self play with the child Yulia from a safe distance. The two seemed happy as could be, and Lena dared not interrupt their important adventure. It was a perfect day to relive the memory, but even Lena knew it was not real. But that was when something hit the pit of Lenas stomach that made her wish she had had the power to escape the lucid dream just as quickly as she had entered it. Storm clouds rolled in off the horizon and the lake began to rise and fall all around her. Lightning struck the ocean in several spots as Lena cried out to her child self and Yulia. And thats when she saw the water recede dangerously far from the beach. A dark wall of water appeared in the distance, a nightmarish tsunami that roared towards her from which there could be no escape.

When it struck with awesome force, she watched it eviscerate the children from her memory like paper and then it exploded it all around her.

Lena awoke in a cave. A constantly shifting figure emerged from the blackness of the shadows. It was a woman. She had formed from thin air and materialized right before her from seemingly nothing at all. Lena recognized her, but she did not know from where or how. She was of Middle Eastern decent perhaps, but she could not be sure. When she spoke, her voice resonated inside her bones and reverberated in her soul.

You must come to me Lena Katina. You must come to me now, or all will be lost, and the one you love will die.

When Lena Katina awoke, she was in tears. Thankfully, she had not woken Yulia who slept peacefully in the nude beside her, wrapped in a pile of ratty blankets. A thin smile had formed on her face. Clearly, whatever she was dreaming of moved her in a much different way than what Lena had just experienced. But Lena knew it was more than just a dream. She felt deep in her heart that this could have been a vision from God, or perhaps someone close enough to him that it should not be so casually dismissed. Lena considered explaining the dream to Yulia, but knew she had a long journey ahead of her, and that she may never truly understand the sorrow that suddenly formed in the darkest part of her heart. Slowly, she felt it grow, and she knew then that if she did not correct this immediately, it would consume her in darkness forever, and it would eventually destroy her.

And with that, Lena Katina dressed and left Yulia Volkova alone in a Tazil basement. She stopped, considered looking back, but thought better of it. And then she was gone, and Yulia was alone.


Lena Katina awoke in a cold sweat in an unfamiliar bed. Where, she did not know, but when she saw the woman approach her, she thought she had merely woken up in a familiar dream. It was the same Middle Eastern woman from her dream in Tazil, a dream that had haunted her for nearly 18 months now. But this was different. The detail of the room, of the woman, of the memories leading up to this very point this was real.


Yulia brushed her hair back in her mirror, still wet from the shower. She studied her reflection hard in the mirror and no longer recognized the woman that stared back at her. A knock came at her door that shook her from the unwelcome feeling. Yulia had reached the point of no return and consciously made a decision inside her head that she promised her body she would not argue.

Come in, Yulia stated flatly.

The door opened as a young woman with strawberry blonde hair and a beautiful face stepped inside. She had the nervous demeanor of a college freshman, eager to please and terrified that her surroundings could destroy her without a seconds hesitation. Yulia looked her up and down, immediately struck by both her beauty and the fact that she was struck by it at all. Her name was Kira, a true beauty in every sense of the word. Yulia made her decision just then and proceeded with the dialogue she had practiced over and over in her head over the last fifteen minutes.

You wanted to see me? Kira asked nervously.

Yes. I understand you are very new here?

Yes maam, I am. Almost a month.

Yulia nodded and tried not to chuckle at the naivety leaking beneath Kiras inexperienced demeanor. Still, she had to recognize that at one point, she too was in Kiras position: eager to please and willing to do anything to prove herself to those she held in the highest regard. But she had never been in a position like this, and she wondered if Kira had any idea what kind of a night she was about to get herself into.

I hear youve been performing well. I just reviewed your status chart impressive rankings across the board. Yulia said while passively reviewing a small folder filled with various handwritten pages.

Kira almost blushed. Thank you.

Tell me, why have you decided to join Red Sun?

Well, my mother was ill. She couldnt get to the hospital in time. The government put her on a waiting list. When she passed, all I had left was my little brother, and he ran away. But theres always been a reason, even before things fell apart. A friend of mine was hurt very badly, but there was no justice for her. Or for her family

Yulia nodded and could see the pain and anger boiling beneath the surface. She had a pure heart, and that was all that mattered to Yulia. She nodded and decided to make her move.

I have some more questions I would like to ask you, but not in such a formal context. Why dont you come over here and make yourself more comfortable? Yulia said while gesturing to her bed right beside the chair she sat in. Kira seemed to be okay with this and quickly walked over toward Yulia. Yulia tried to hide her excitement. It might not have been the most admirable way to try and get over someone, but she respected Miro too much to let something so trivial as sex come between them, even though she knew it would have been good. Really good. No, it was a woman that she desperately missed, that she so carnally craved these last 18 months. She wanted it so badly to be Lena, but she knew that was never going to be again. So instead, she merely focused on the Ukranian beauty, sitting on her bed just inches away from her, so ready and eager to please

Lena couldnt help but be frightened, but somehow she knew she was in no immediate danger. She was staring at the beautiful Middle Eastern woman before her, the very same one from her dream nearly 18 months ago, and it was then that she knew she had experience something she could not explain, never in a thousand years if given the opportunity. Something transcended reason through space and time, and had struck her personally. She had stumbled onto something otherworldly, or perhaps it had stumbled onto her. However it had happened, Lena could only cower before it, as if suddenly finding herself in the presence of foreign royalty.

You Lena began.

Yes, the woman replied. It is difficult to believe, is it not?

Lena just shook her head. Ive spent so long trying to find you. Following every whisper, every dead end. All of it brought me back here. Back to Russia.

Yes. And it is here where you must face your destiny.

And what destiny is that?

What you really are to this country. And to Yulia


Yulia got up and sat next to Kira on the bed. She seemed a bit uneasy being so close to Yulia, but she never cowered away and squirmed.

Kira, Im going to ask you something, something that might sound a bit odd or even offensive to you. Is it alright if I go ahead anyway?

Kira considered nervously. Sure.

Have you ever been with a woman before? Yulia asked.

Kira blushed and her eyes went wide. No

Well the truth of it is that I wanted to extend an invitation to you to share my bed tonight. But if that is something that might shock you or would offend you, I would understand. Its just, you have stood out a great deal to me

Kira considered and was of course shocked and very embarrassed. She wasnt a virgin, but she had only ever been with one man before a few times. But the idea of being with another girl kind of freaked her out. But to say no to an invitation by her leader, Nighthawk was just as frightening to her. It would not only be unheard of, it could potentially be disastrous to her career prospects in the group and possibly damaging to their future professional relationship. Somehow, she almost felt obligated to say yes. But at the same time, it was almost a bit exciting to be considered the object of affection by her boss, even if she was a woman.

No, no I would like to stay the night with you, she managed. Yulia could tell she was nervous and quickly retrieved a bottle of chilled champagne in the back of her fridge, the very same bottle she had been saving for the day Lena returned to her. She looked at it for just a moment and considered if there was even the smallest part of her left that still believed Lena would ever come back to her. Then, she popped the cork expertly and all of the reserved hopes exploded right in her face. Kira could see just the slightest hint of sadness behind Yulias eyes. She wasnt an idiot, she had heard the rumors involving her and a beautiful redhead named Lena. She wasnt sure how many of them were true and which ones were just glamorous bedtime stories, but she knew something terrible had happened 18 months ago. Kira dared not bring any of it up, though.

It is not something I wish to force on you. I want you to enjoy yourself. Yulia said as she poured both Kira and her a glass full of Lenas champagne. Kira downed the champagne quickly and thought about the idea of making love to Yulia. She looked Yulia up and down and had to admit that she was slightly curious. She was incredibly attractive besides the fact that she was the leader of the Revolutionary movement. There was something of a celebrity to Yulia, whether she knew it or not, and that fact over all else is what ultimately convinced Kira to go along with the night free of reservations or inhibitions.

No, I am just nervous is all. Kira said, honestly enough.

Dont be and with that, Yulia leaned in and touched her lips to Kiras.

Kira was nervous and soon felt Yulias tongue inside of her mouth. She tried to meet her rhythm, but felt sloppy trying doing so. Instead, she let Yulia lead, a fact Yulia seemed fine with. Yulia was an incredible kisser, Kira thought, and wondered how far things would progress and how quickly.

Why dont you take off your shirt and lie back on the bed


And what am I to this country? asked Lena.

You are this countrys last hope. But before you come to terms with this fact, you must come to terms with another reality, the woman said plainly enough, as if God himself spoke through her.

And what reality is that?

That you and Yulia are of one soul. That together you can accomplish great things, but theres a price to pay. When you two realize your full potential, and what you can accomplish together, both physically and emotionally you will realize that your time together is limited.


Kira closed her eyes and fell back on Yulias luxurious bed, completely topless. Her small nipples stood at attention, her medium sized breasts covered in goosebumps. While the heater had been turned up, Kiras body had a hard time adjusting to the idea of being so exposed to someone so new to her. She let out a whimper as she felt Yulias tongue dragging across the stomach. Her intermittent kisses up towards her breasts caused the blood to flow wildly between Kiras legs. Yulia traced her tongue all along Kiras belly button and slid her hands up over Kiras firms breasts, trying desperately to remember how Lenas felt in her hands. Yulia traced her hands along Kiras pant-line, back and forth, and slipped the very tips of her fingers just inside the elastic bands of her pants to excite her. Kira reveled in the sensations of Yulias mouth and hands all over her half naked body, and wondered what they might feel like elsewhere.

Yulia then moved her way up Kiras stomach and took one of her breasts into her mouth and began to suck gently on it. Kira moaned and met eyes with Yulia, her look told her everything that she needed to know about the night. Yulia was going to have her and she was going to enjoy every second of it. Kira then felt Yulias whole hand slip inside of her pants and beneath her underwear. Yulias hand travelled down over Kiras smooth, freshly shaven. It was obvious to Yulia then that Kira was seeing someone inside Red Sun, but she didnt care. Yulia drank in Kiras shocked expression as she quickly felt how wet she had gotten between her legs. Kira just fell back onto the pillow and tried to accept that she was about to go all the way with a member of the same sex. She wondered what her boyfriend might think of this whole situation. Might it upset him? Or would it only turn him on?

Yulia removed her hands and then peeled off her own shirt and bra, exposing her small breasts to Kira who just stared at them longingly. She then went for Kiras pants and pulled them off with ease, removing her damp underwear as well. Kira attempted to keep her legs close together, but Yulia slowly parted them and took in a view of her pussy, her thin slit dripping for attention. She looked nothing like Lena, but it was still an intoxicating sight. Yulia immediately inserted her fingers inside of Kira and began to finger her slowly. Unable to control herself, Yulia removed her own pants and underwear with her free hand and furiously began to rub her clit. Kira just watched as Yulia masturbated in front of her and took care of her own pleasure as well. It was the most sensual experience of her life thus far.

Yulia and Kira quickly began making out, but Yulia couldnt help herself. She pulled herself away from Kiras lips and crawled in between her legs. Kira just looked at Yulia nervously. Yulia smiled and then slowly began to eat Kira out. Kira arched her head back, blown away by how good Yulias mouth felt on her lips. She soon found that every nerve in her body ached for attention and that she was about to get pushed past the point of no return. Kira didnt care anymore, and quickly ran her hands through Volkovas hair and pulled her closer to her hole. She felt Yulias tongue literally penetrate her, a sensation that caused her whole body to jolt as if shocked by a bolt of electricity.

You shave for somebody, dont you? Yulia managed, the sensation of Kiras forbidden love filling her mouth and tantalizing her every sense and teasing every one of her tastebuds. Kira could only moan as she felt Yulias tongue gliding inside of her and all over her swollen mound that throbbed for instant gratification.


Who? Yulia practically demanded.

Kira moaned again as Yulia inserted her fingers inside of her pussy and slowly began to fuck her with them. Her fingers glided in and out of Kira with ease, her own desire practically running out of her legs and onto Yulias tongue and fingers.


Yulias heart skipped a beat.

Miro? she asked, Yulias hot breath just as stimulating on Kira as her tongue.


Yulia considered the thought of them together, a sensation that immediately turned her on more. Yulia quickly climbed back up to Kira and kissed her deeply, Kiras own sex and desire quickly flooding into her mouth. It was a foreign taste to her, and the catalyst that would push her one step too far. She was now Yulias for better or worse, and wanted desperately to taste her as well.

Well then, why dont you tell me about it while I continue to finger you?

And with that, Kira nodded and slowly whispered her most x-rated memory involving Miro into Yulias ear.


What do you mean, limited? Lena asked the woman. She just stared back at her.

Upon returning to Yulia, you will have twenty four hours left together. Then, you must make a decision between your country and your love. But you will not be allowed both. And it is this decision in which I will help you come to understand, for at the end of this all one of you two will die.

And with that, Lena Katina felt her heart sink to the dark corner in which the mysterious woman had first appeared.

Chapter 13: Lena & Yulia's Private Fantasy
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