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Lena's Sex Tape - Fan Fic (NC-17)

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: 09.07.2010
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: 27, 2011 4:59 am     : Lena's Sex Tape - Fan Fic (NC-17)

Lena's Sex Tape
(A Lena & Sasho SEX UC)
Rated: NC-17
by Order & Chaos


Please do NOT continue if reading a heterosexual Unique Chapter that focuses on Lena Katina having sexual intercourse with another man might offend you. This story contains graphic sexual content.


While all of my favorite Yulia/Lena stories focus heavily on forbidden love and lesbian erotica, the context of both girls sexuality is usually greatly exaggerated or technically misrepresented completely since both girls are straight. However, I wanted to bring the same since of excitement and respect to this story that my favorite Yulia/Lena stories always have. But, while I am attempting to be tasteful, the context of this story may not be for everybody. As a straight fan, I have found that there are slim pickings of adult fan fiction that depict either girl in an erotic situation with a male partner (especially in a positive context), and I wanted to change that. I welcome all of your comments and hope there is room for this story here on the TATU forum. Anyway, please enjoy


As Lena Katina saw her husband filming her from the doorway with a brand new video camera, she felt her cheeks redden and her face flush. Lena flashed a nervous smile to him, her heart racing inside of her chest. It was Lenas wedding night, the most important moment of her life so far. She was touching up her make-up in the bathroom, still wrapped in the beautiful, white gown. She suspected the gown would not be on her body for long.

Sasho had been begging Lena for months to make a sex tape on their wedding night, as if she were some cheap harlet who would merely consent to performing such ilict acts on camera. Lena did not care for porn, nor did she wish to be desired as a porn star. However, the idea of being Sashos porn star did make her pussy tingle in a way that made her feel both special and naughty. Deep into the crevices of her mind, the thought of making a sex tape like a Hollywood Porn Star made her very, very excited. She was brushing her teeth and touching up her makeup, knowing she was to be on camera. Though it was only to have a private audience, she still felt a duty to her husband to look as good as she possibly could. Lena unceremoniously spit the toothpaste from her mouth, looked back up at Sasho, and then into the lens of his camera. She realized she was to put on a performance to be watched by him on a later date and time, when she would not presumably be there to satisfy his needs sexually. Those needs were now a portion of her duty to being married to the man she loved. With that, the thought was just fine with her because she loved satisfying him. If such an occasion rose where he had an urge that needed relieved, she would rather he watch her than some stranger online. Still, Lena had never done anything like this before

You look beautiful, Sasho said from behind the camera.

Thank you, Lena responded.

But I think I would rather watch you put on your make-up naked, he said.

Lena felt her cheeks flush even more as the dreadful reality of her having to finally undress on camera finally became a reality. She took a deep breath and exhaled.

Will you unzip me? she asked playfully.

Sasho smiled and disappeared around the corner into the adjoining bedroom suite they were staying in. He returned a brief moment later, carrying a large tri-pod that he mounted dutifully in the doorway, framing Lena just right in the bright, yet fluorescent lit bathroom. When her husband finally seemed satisfied, she glanced down and noticed that his erection was pressing out against his trousers, a sight she would become used to for the rest of her life she suspected. When he finished framing her, Lena felt the power of an actress, Sasho moved behind her and slowly unzipped her gown. She closed her eyes sensually as he yanked the gown off her breasts and down off her naked backside. There she stood, naked as the day she was born, her wedding dress crumpled beneath her feet. Every instinct in Lenas body was to cover herself, but she had to shake that as a married woman now. Instead, she stood there and let her husband drink in the forbidden sight of her body. Sasho bent down behind her and planted a single kiss on each of Lenas cheeks, the sensation of his lips on her butt sending goosebumps all over her backside and a shiver up her spine. Lena felt her newlywed husband knead and massage both of her large, plump cheeks before pulling them apart and planting a single kiss on her forbidden lips, Lena quivering, wondering just how wet she really was down there

Wow she breathed.

I cant wait to spend a lifetime eating you whenever you get this wet, Lena her husband moaned, standing back up and planting a kiss on the back of her neck.

Ill meet you in the bedroom. he whispered sensually into her ear.

When Sasho disappeared with the camera she smiled and finished powdering her nose. After preparing her body and mind to have sex on camera, she slipped into a bathrobe and strutted into the bedroom where she saw her husband framing the tripod-mounted camera before the foot of the bed, presumably where she was to sit for now. When her husband saw her, he smiled and winked at her. She blushed again, still crushing on him as hard as she had when they first met all those years ago. Here she was, giving herself to him in a way she never imagined herself or her husband behaving. However, if this was to be a taste of their marriage, she was in for a very x-rated union with her lover. It made her wet. Very wet. Lena could already feel her own body betray her supposed shock at being asked to perform such acts on camera. The excitement dripping down her inner thighs beneath her robe. She stared at her husband, heart racing, hoping it would not be embarrassing to see her pleasure played back later. Could she even watch herself perform, she wondered? The thought did make her curious and somewhat excited to be able and playback her own orgasms and watch herself performing the illicit acts she knew her husband would ask her to perform. It was one thing to perform them, but to have them recorded was quite another. Still, the Russian redheaded vixen swallowed hard.

Where do you want me? she asked excitedly, yet timidly.

Right there, Sasho began, pointing to the end of the bed. And from now on, Im the director of this film, sweetheart. I want it to turn out just the way I want it, but I need you to be as comfortable as you can. So if you want to stop recording, we will, but so long as we are, I only want to talk to my slut wife Lena, do you understand?

Lena nodded, her body flooding with anticipation and excitement as she moved to sit at the end of the bed, the camera staring right at her, stripping her of all privacy. There it was, just waiting to judge her, to see what a real slut she was underneath it all. Afterwards, it would have all the evidence it needed. Her acts would be sealed and recorded to be enjoyed over and over again. The way she orgasmed, the way she fucked, the way she performed fellatio, whether she spit or swallow, would all be captured by this tiny machine and then it would be official: she would be a slut wife for her husband. She suddenly wondered if he had done this with another girl before or if she was the first, but she did not want to ruin the mood by asking. She imagined she was the first and decided to play the part so she nodded.

I understand.


Sasho turned the camera on and thats when Lena felt the butterflies in her stomach.

Were recording, she heard her husband say somewhat distantly.

Hi, she said, waving to the camera, feeling somewhat stupid doing so.

Whats your name? Sasho asked from behind the camera.

Lena Katina, she said in a sultry voice she mimicked from her old parter Julia.

And why are we recording this video, Lena? Sasho asked playfully.

So that you can record us having sex together, she answered nervously, unsure of just what her husband was looking for in her responses, trying to play the harlet but still the innocent anyway. The thought of her husband masturbating to this very image of her made her body flood with even more juices and excitement than before, Lena squeezing her legs tightly together and letting out a whimper of delight.

Are you going to get fucked in this video? Sasho asked.

Lena nodded, cheeks flushing with her pussy becoming wet at the sound of Sashos vulgarity.

Let me hear you say it, her husband asked willfully.

Im going to get fucked, Lena stated plainly with a smile.

Why dont you stand up and take off that robe.

Lena stood up nervously and smiled at her husband who pointed at the camera. Lena then turned her attention to the lens and seductively pulled the belt from around her waist. The very thing protecting her body fell to the ground with a heavy thump. She then peeled open her robe around her naked body and let it fall to the floor around her ankles just like she had with her wedding dress. There she stood, in all her naked glory again, but this time facing the camera. Her large, milky white breasts were on display, her puffy and pink areolas covered in gooseflesh, her nipples hard as rock. She felt a cool breeze between her legs as she started at the camera stupidly before looking to her husband for some direction.

I like your landing strip, Sasho said, referring to Lenas neatly trimmed pubic hair, a thin strip she kept guarding her aching and wanting sex at her husbands request.

T-thank you, Lena replied.

Are those breasts real?

Lena grabbed her large breasts into her hands and smiled playfully, loving any opportunity or excuse she had to touch and play with them. She loved her breasts more than any other part of her body, including her legs, tummy, pussy, or butt.


Why dont you play with them a little, just like that. Sasho said, Lena smiling in delight and slowly squeezing and kneading her breasts separately, then mashing them together and running her fingers over her rock hard nipples, hoping desperately that her husband would touch her at some point during this video before her body and frustration burst. If Lena was going to go through with this, at least she needed a good fuck out of it, and she always knew her husband was good for it and up to the task. Nobody had ever quite fucked her like her husband had, and so she decided to keep squeezing her milky mounds together, moaning playfully in response, trying desperately to think of anything, but how much she wanted to feel her husbands rock hard cock deep inside of her pussy. No, all there was right now was her hands and her breasts and she wanted to focus on her husbands direction. Her hands felt electrifying on her nipples especially, the simple motion of her hands on her chest electrifying her desire and wanting need to get fucked hard.

Why dont you sit down and spread your legs for me while you do that?

Lena smiled and nervously sat down on the bed behind her, spreading her legs to reveal her swollen labia, aching clit, and glistening slit to her husband and his camera. Her vagina was on fully display now, no longer able to hide. She continued to grab and massage her large breasts, moaning out playfully to the judging camera.

Spread your lips too, sweetie.

Lena peeled her labia apart with her fingers, opening up her pussy and showing the camera the what her pink flower looked like in full bloom, shuddering at the fact that there was no part of her left unturned now, her full femininity, her womahood on full display for the cameras to be played back over and over again.

Masturbate for me, Sasho said, slowly grabbing the bulge in his slacks behind the camera as Lena let one of her lips below go so that she could move her fingers up toward her aching clit. She started to rub it slowly, gently in semi-circular motions. Her nub was already wet from her excitement. 'God, it felt so good to masturbate so freely and for an audience', she thought. She wanted to be watched suddenly, to be made clean by her dirty act by her husband and this camera, to have them both wash the sins of her body and mind away in one fateful night. This act wasnt just about her orgasm it was about her husbands and so she rubbed herself all the quicker, hoping he would enjoy the sight later. It made her feel dirty, which made her rub even faster. Every dirty thought raced through her mind, all surrounding her husbands cock and his magnificent balls. It was all she wanted, his big, thick cock his swollen balls. They were hers now, so if she wanted to feel them or touch them, she could.

Keep masturbating sweetie, you look like such a beautiful whore touching yourself like that. And dont be afraid to put your fingers inside your pussy, either.

Lena groaned and let a single finger slip inside of her hole. The electrifying sensation of feeling her own finger penetrate the womanhood on display caused her to moan out Sashos name.


Sasho approached Lena in frame and sat on the bed next to her, watching her sexually charged body as she continued to perform just for him. Her body was his vessel to control and direct now. She bucked and grinded against her own wrist and fingers as he bent down and began to kiss her naked breasts all over, eventually coming to her areoles and then her rock hard nipples. Sasho took Lenas nipples into his mouth and started to lick them while massaging her other breast in his free hand. Soon, Sasho began sucking on Lenas breasts, which drove Lena wild. She was already soaking her entire wrist and hand while rubbing herself, all of the blood rushing to her groin and driving her into the most carnal instincts. When Sasho finally made a move toward her naval, kissing her sensitive little belly button, Lena let out another whimper and cried out in disbelief. Then, just as much as she wanted him to, her husband planted a single kiss right on her nub. Lenas whole body shuttered at the feeling of Sashos mouth between her legs. Sasho just smiled and then stood back up.

There she was, Lena Katina, redheaded vixen of TATU, fully nude before him, masturbating like a horny schoolgirl discovering the forbidden act for the very fist time. She looked like a sexual goddess.

Sasho then climbed up onto Lenas chest unexpectedly and placed his stiff, aching penis between her large breasts. Lena knew that she was to mash them around his erection, knowing he wanted to slowly fuck her large tits. Lena loved the sensation of her now husbands large, aching, dripping wet cock slipping in and out of her cleavage as she pressed her breasts together. Lena pressed them around her husbands cock and felt him thrust through her flesh while groaning out in pleasure. He started bucking in and out of her cleavage, inching closer and closer to her mouth right over her neck, occasionally having her chin and neck hit and smeared with pre-cum by that magnificent cock thrusting back and forth through her breasts. Lena started to moan when she felt her husbands fingers on her opening, teasing her slit and her tiny, puckered hole all in one, long, sweeping motion. His fingers guided up and down her slit as his cock continued to push in and out of her massive breasts, back and forth. Lena started to open her mouth and let her tongue hang out the closer Sashos penis came to her mouth, wanting desperately to lick the pre-cum off the tip like a lollipop.

These breasts were made to be fucked, Sasho said, staring deep into his wifes eyes.

Only by your cock, she promised, still holding her breasts around Sasho.

You look gorgeous naked, Lena, Sasho stated. But I want to see your ass. Turn over on your side, but dont stop masturbating, Sasho said.

Lena flipped over and grinded her aching nub onto her hand, which she slipped between her legs to grind up against like a horny schoolgirl might. It reminded her of the first night she discovered that she could make herself feel this good. Lena, at the time, reveled the feeling of sliding her hands through a thick bush of fiery red hair before ever reaching the summit of her excitement or orgasm.

Like this? Lena asked, turning around and revealing her naked backside to her lover. Sasho smiled at the sight and pushed Lena face first onto the bed, causing her to squeal in shock just before crashing down onto the soft mattress next to her, her ass sticking up in the air at Sasho. Her husband peeled off his shirt and pulled his slacks off before jumping on top of Lenas supple ass clad only in his boxers. Sasho took his hands to Lenas naked backside and began to knead it expertly sensually and slowly, kneading all of the knots he could find out of her muscles as she continued to rub her clit while grinding against her own wrist. Sashos hands on her butt felt like pure ecstasy to Lena, his fingers occasionally dragging down the back of her arms and creeping back up onto the back of her neck.

There was nothing in the world but Lenas back and Sashos hands.

Occasionally, Sasho would plant secret kisses on Lenas naked back before returning to his massage. His hands glided down her spine and massaged her lower back, sliding back up to her shoulders where they applied deep pressure.

There was nothing as blissful as feeling her back massaged by Sashos hands.

There was nothing as pleasurable but her wrist and fingers and clit.

Oh, Sasho, fuck, it feels amazing to touch myself for you. Lena admitted truthfully.

Good, I want you to feel good, sweetheart. he stated simply.

His fingers pressed into the soft flesh around Lenas spine and crept up and down her back, relieving all of the tension built up from waiting to fuck. Sasho slid back onto Lenas upper thighs, revealing her voluptuous ass once again. Lena smiled and felt her body flood with more excitement as she felt Sashos hands massaging her butt. He began to knead each cheek like dough and occasionally firmly squeezed them, causing a moan to escape Lenas mouth each time. Lena felt Sashos hands wrap all around her upper thighs, occasionally brushing past her now aching pussy, which she continued to rub and attack furiously. Each accidental touch caused lightning to surge between Lenas legs. But it wasnt long before Sasho slipped his fingers between Lenas cheeks and began to massage her aching lips, slowly dragging his fingers over her swollen clit. He applied more pressure each time he dragged his fingers down her lips, causing even more nectar to flow freely from her slit. And thats just where he found his fingers next, gliding gently inside the redheads lips all the way down the length of her opening. Soon, Lena was moaning and squirming on the bed, aching for actual penetration. Then, without warning, two of Sashos fingers rocketed inside her pussy, which caused Lena to cry out unexpectedly.

Oh, Sasho! Dont stop! Lena moaned.

Sasho continued to finger Lena, first sliding his fingers in and out of her, and then switching to a different technique where he kept his fingers inside his girlfriend and dragged them across the upper walls of her forbidden depths. Lena felt Sasho hit her G-spot and began to uncontrollably shake while her breathing became more labored. When Sasho finally pulled his fingers out of Lena, they were soaked in her nectar. Lena flipped over as if possessed and took Sashos soaked fingers deep into her mouth, simulating fellatio while sucking her sweet juices off of him. She loved the fact that her husband was immediately thinking about her blowing him. The sensation of tasting herself reminded her of going down on Julia back when they used to fool around before she settled down with Sasho. Julia helped her appreciate the taste of her own body, which drove her completely wild at times when she was masturbating. In this situation, Lena could have more. Sasho must had anticipated Lenas thoughts, because when she finished tasting herself, Sasho pushed her back onto the bed and pulled her legs wide apart.

Eat my pussy! Lena exclaimed.

Not yet, my love. he said, much to Lenas disappointment.

Please! Lena begged.

I want you to masturbate just a little longer for the camera, Sasho whispered into his wifes ear as he helped her flip back over and positioned her up in a sitting position at the end of the bed. he slid in behind her so Lena could lean back on her husband. Lena threw her head back and spread her legs like a porn star one more time, using her hand still to rub at her charged clitoris, her entire pussy soaked in her excitement now. She looked down, her entire hand was soaked in her juices. She buried her head into her husbands neck, his masculine scent biting deep into her carnal desire and making her want to fuck him even more. She started massaging one of her breasts as he reached up behind her and grabbed the other, the feeling of both of their hands and her other on her pussy driving her further toward orgasm.

Lena, is this how you usually masturbate? her husband whispered into her ear from behind, her eyes locked on the lens, staring into her husbands eyes at another time, wondering how he would enjoy watching this version of herself getting fucked.

No. Lena shamefully admitted.

How do you usually do it? Sasho asked.

With, with a dildo, Lena finally admitted to the camera.

Sasho got up, letting Lena fall back, covered in sweat, turning back to see her husbands aching cock sticking out of his boxers as he made his way to the drawer. When he opened it up, she blushed instantly at the sight of her own toy, a large green dildo she hadnt so much needed to fuck of late, unless specifically requested by Sasho. Sasho embarrassingly stumbled across it while helping her clean her room early in their relationship. Lena having forgotten that it was hiding in the back of her closet at the time. The first time she stuck the falic object in her wet cunt for Sasho, he exploded all over her neck and breasts while masturbating at the sight. She had never seen him come so hard or so fast before, but he fell right asleep that night and Lena quickly helped herself to an orgasm before she too would allow herself to fall asleep. The thought of wearing her husbands semen on her neck and breasts all night, and during her forbidden self-exploration, made the orgasm intensify all the hotter when it finally plagued her body and made her erupt also.

Oh my gosh. Lena said at the sight of the familiar toy.

Sasho produced the forbidden falic object and handed it to his blushing bride. Lena then turned over on her tummy, letting her free hand slip between her legs as she took the life-like erection into her mouth and began sucking on its head like it were a real cock. Sasho stepped behind the camera and zoomed in just a little on his bride sucking the forbidden toy she had so many times before penetrated herself with both in his audience and private. Lena kept her legs spread as she continued to lick and suck on the large dildo she had a somewhat intimate relationship with already.

Show me how far you can take it down. Sasho breathed, becoming hornier by the second.

Lena took a deep breath and forced the head back over her tongue and deep into her throat, past the gag reflex she had long since learned to control when she first started giving blowjobs to her boyfriends. One such lover had a particular curiosity about Lenas gag reflex and her ability to do what she would eventually learn was called deep-throating and, while she was giving him head one evening, he took her head into his hands and forced himself into the back of her throat, immediately triggering her gag reflex and causing her to choke. Since that fateful evening, Lena had trained her body to accept large pieces of meat deep into her throat, just like this, and so showed her husband. She felt her nose hit the base of the object, feeling her neck swell and the toy hit the back of her throat, she started breathing through her nose. Her eyes began to water too, which Lena did not like, so she removed the large toy from her head, it coming out lathered in her saliva. Lena smiled seductively up at her husband who was now out of his boxers, completely naked, slowly stroking his mighty cock in his hands, it aimed right at her too. The thought of being made the object of his desire made her sex flood with excitement.

Put it in your pussy, Sasho said.

Lena smiled devilishly and moved the head toward her glistening opening and pushed it deep inside of her body. Oh fuck! she screamed out in ecstasy as she felt the familiar girth push into her tight cunt, remembering what it was like to make love to it. She started pumping the dildo in and out of her pussy then, driving herself further toward orgasm, all of her nerve endings on fire with desire and anticipation. She looked up into the eye of the camera and blew it a kiss, Sasho would be watching she reminded herself, as she continued to fuck herself on camera with her old dildo.

I want you to bring this with you on tour. Whenever were apart, I want you to fuck yourself with this in a hotel room while imagining it were me inside of you. Sasho ordered, much to Lenas excitement. She couldnt imagine packing the thing in her suitcase, but if her husband had commanded it of her in a moment of heat, than she was to obey like the loving wife she was and intended to continue on being to him.

My pleasure. she moaned out.

Now take it out, I want to eat that redheaded pussy! Sasho said, Lena removing and tossing the dildo onto the bed beside her, keeping her pussy open and spread, ready for her husband to devour as long and as passionately as he wanted. When Sasho crawled into frame and positioned himself between his brides legs, she whimpered at the feeling of his cool breath on her hot lips. She needed his tongue next. She could feel that her lips were flushed, her clit and pussy aching. Her slit glistened with anticipation of sexual stimulation by her husbands wet tongue. But it was what lay beneath that Sasho loved to taste. Sasho maneuvered between his wifes legs and pulled Lenas lips apart, actually revealing her pink flower beneath. This was Lenas actual pussy, revealed in full bloom to her husband with a front row seat. She always felt nervous being revealed like so, but she loved her husband and trusted him. Sasho smiled and dove in, shoving his tongue deep between her lips. Lena felt it penetrate deep inside her hole, which caused her to arch her back and thrash about. Sasho began to lick the nectar from inside Lenas pussy, gliding his tongue over her nectar coated lips and pink walls. The smell of her excitement was overpowering, a pungent and musky aroma that smelled of pure sex. It was an exotic fragrance that Sasho supposed angels smelled like. Her taste was potent and bittersweet, a gift Lena loved to share with Sasho. There, between her legs, Sasho literally began to eat her pussy like she was providing a forbidden meal to him. If only Sasho could fill up on her, Lena thought. Sashos chin quickly became coated in her nectar. Sashos tongue dragged all over her outer lips and slipped back into Lenas hole, occasionally sliding up and over her red-hot clit.

God, that feels so amazing, keep licking me there! Lena managed, breathless, almost forgetting that she was being recorded.

Lenas pussy literally burned with pleasure now. She knew she wasnt far from orgasm. Then, when she felt Sashos fingers plunge deep into her pussy while he started to lap at her little nub, a deep pressure building against her inner walls exploded inside of her. The sense of relief was euphoric and flooded through Lenas groin and rushed to her head, causing all of her extremities to go numb and then tingle back to life. Her back arched and she literally exploded into Sashos mouth. Her husband grabbed her hips and took in Lenas cum as it flowed out of her hole with each convulsion. Each mini aftershock rocked between her legs and caused more of her juices to flow freely from out of her. When Sasho finally looked up at her, his entire mouth and chin glistened in the light. Lena stuck her fingers inside of herself and removed them, shocked and aroused by the sight of them coated in her own sticky cum. She slipped her fingers into her mouth and swallowed her own arousing juices, the sensation of swallowing her own cum causing her head to spin. Plus, she knew, it turned Sasho on, which in turn turned her on. Now all she wanted was to return the favor and take her husband into her mouth.

How was that? Sasho asked.

Amazing. Lena stated breathlessly.

I want you to suck my cock next.

I want to suck your cock next. Lena freely admitted on camera, pussy still spread, cum flowing from her slit like a waterfall.

Lena was going to give Sasho the blowjob of his lifetime.

Lena crawled up and kissed Sasho, who unleashed a mouthful of Lenas own orgasm deep into her own mouth. The sensation of more of her cum flooding around back and forth between their kiss caused Lenas already soaked pussy to flood with more excitement. Lena pulled away from the kiss and pulled Sasho up onto the bed beside her and then pushed him down on his back, giving him sultry bedroom eyes with a flip of her long red locks. Lena knew she had Sasho then and began to kiss up and down her husbands neck. Her kisses soon trailed down his neck, while Lena reached down with her free hand and grabbed a hold of his erect cock. It throbbed in her grip, which caused Lena to moan out in excitement, wanting to knead it like clay in her hands. She loved knowing that she could bring her lover such pleasure. It was a pleasure she wanted to feel in her mouth. That was one thing Lena learned about herself quickly, that she loved performing oral sex. She was raised to believe it was forbidden and wrong, so naturally grew accustomed to loving it behind closed doors. If only her Catholic schoolteachers could see her naked, stuffing her boyfriends cock in her mouth while she sucked on it until he couldnt take it anymore. That was exactly what Lena intended on doing.

Lena brought her kisses across her lovers chest, and down over his abs. Lena then brought her seductive kisses further south until she found herself staring right at Sashos erection. She just stared in awe at Sashos member. It was thick with an engorged head already dripping with pre-cum, thick pulsating veins running up and down the staff. Lena looked back up at Sasho, beads of sweat spilling down his brow. She smiled and turned back to business. She loved pleasing Sasho with her mouth.

Lets make sure we get this blowjob in frame, sweetie. Sasho said, pointing to the camera, which she turned around and looked at, suddenly aware her ass was sticking right at it, the back of her pussy dripping all over her inner thighs for the camera. She blushed but then smiled, realizing that was nothing compared to what was about to come. Lena pulled herself off her husband who helped her back to her mark at the end of the bed. He then helped her off the bed and onto her knees before he returned to the camera and tilted it down to catch her in frame. She felt like a slut on her knees like this, waiting to do nothing else but suck her husband off.

I want this blowjob to be improper and very sloppy. Sasho said firmly.

Sloppy, Lena knew, was when Sasho loved for Lena to spit all over his cock and sometimes even take his balls into her mouth. She knew this would be no exception. So when Sasho walked up to her, she knew what she was meant to do. Lena kissed Sashos cock and then slipped it into her expecting mouth. Sasho exhaled as he felt himself disappear in the forgotten elevation of his girlfriends hot wet mouth. He felt himself slide over the back of Lenas tongue and disappear into the back of her throat just above her tonsils, past the gag reflex she had long ago relaxed. God, she love sucking cock, Lena thought, as she planted her hand around his base and began to slip her husbands meaty cock in and out of her mouth.

God, Lean, I love watching you suck me off. Sasho breathed.

Lenas answer was muffled on Sashos cock. Lena occasionally removed Sasho from her mouth and began swirling her tongue all over his engorged head and then licking up and down the shaft like an ice-cream cone. Lena then spit on Sashos cock took him back into her mouth. Soon, she was bobbing up and down on Sasho passionately like a horny schoolgirl trying to please her first boyfriend. Every once in a while, Lena would take all of Sasho into the back of her throat, and purposefully gag herself on him. The guttural noises emitting from Lenas throat only seemed to turn Sasho on further as Lena finally released him from her throat and looked up at him. Thick strands of pre-cum and saliva connected her lips to the head of his cock, an erotic sight that seemed to have sent Sasho over the edge.

Are you my little redheaded, Russian slut? Sasho asked.

Yes, Lena replied as she took Sashos cock and rubbed it all over her face, smearing his pre-cum across her skin. Then, Lena slipped Sasho back into her mouth and continued to blow him. Sasho found his hand running through Lenas signature red hair before placing a slight pressure on the back of her head so as to cause her to fall deeper onto him. Lena felt his head rocket back into her throat.

Can I fuck your mouth? Sasho asked.

Lenas approving response was muffled around the engorged penis stuffed deep inside her throat. Lena then felt Sashos member rocket in and out of her mouth, her mouth now just a vessel for Sashos pleasure. The sensation of no longer being in control of her own blowjob and having her mouth used as a substitute for her actual pussy caused Lenas pussy to flood again. She was so wet that she could feel her cum trickling down her inner thighs again. The head of his thick member rocketed in and out of the back of Lenas throat, continuously passing her non-existent gag reflex. Still, she felt her privates flood again, the sensation of having Sasho inside her mouth and causing him so much pleasure practically driving her to orgasm. Lenas eyes began to water over and her mascara ran down her cheeks by the time Sasho had finally finished ravishing her mouth. When he pulled out of her, his penis was coated in her saliva while multiple strands of pre-cum and spit connected him to his beautiful wifes mouth. She looked up at him innocently. Sasho ran his hands through her hair and just smiled at Lena. Her face was speckled with pre-cum and her mascara was already ruined. The rougher, the better, Lena thought.

I love watching your eyes water over when I fuck your mouth. Sasho excitedly admitted.

Im glad. I want you to fuck my mouth as hard and as fast and as long as you want.

Lie on the bed, hang your head off the edge here. I want to watch your neck swell with my cock in it.

My body is yours to use however you want, sweetie. Lena admitted.

Lena did as she was told and crawled up onto the bed, lying on her back, and letting her head hang back off the edge, staring at her husbands cock moving toward her mouth, only seeing it upside down. She took a deep breath and relaxed her throat for the assault she knew was coming. Having her throat fucked wasnt necessarily the most romantic thing to do on ones wedding night, Lena thought, but she knew her husband loved it, and she in turn loved the sounds he made when he was using her mouth. When his cock shoved into her throat, she felt it rocket into the back of her head and then her lovers balls press against her face. Sasho grunted when he shoved himself to the very back of his wifes throat and then fell on top of her, grabbing both of her breasts to support himself. Lena groaned in response, closing her eyes, knowing full well they were going to water up even more than they had. Finally, Sasho began to buck in and out of Lenas throat, racing back and forth past her relaxed gag reflex. The wretched gagging noises emitting from her body did not make her feel particularly sexy, but listening to her husband groan and chant her name religiously as he reached out and began to play with her aching nub, all else faded to the background. As Sasho continued to fuck Lenas mouth, pre-cum and saliva began to fill up in her mouth, spilling out the sides of it and running back up the length of her face, spilling into the corners of her eyes and cascading across her forehead. She had to force herself to breath through her nose, especially when Sasho forced himself, his entire length, into her head and then held it there. Lena started to convulse after a moment, but still, her husband held her head in place, his cock completely locked within. Sasho finally pulled out of Lenas head and started to slap his cock all over her mouth, nose, cheeks, and forehead. It felt like a stick of meat slapping against her skin, spraying speckles of pre-cum and her own saliva all over her fair porcelain like complexion. Lena gasped for air when her husband exited her throat and she broke into a coughing fit, desperately needing to breath through her mouth again and not her nose. She looked up at her husband pleadingly.
That was when Lena saw the strands of pre-cum connecting her lips and tongue to her husbands' cock, like a thick spiderweb of desire. Finally, Sasho used his fingers to break the strand and stuck them back onto Lenas chin and neck where they glistened in the dim light off her skin.

Thank you. Lena said, winking, her face probably ruined with pre-cum and saliva.

Sasho then leaped onto the bed with Lena, pulling her head back onto the bed, and crawling on top of her, Lenas breasts mashing against his chest.

I love you so much. Sasho whispered.

I love you too. Lena replied.

And with that, Sasho positioned himself right at her opening. Sasho finally thrust inside of her, he slipped into her with the precision of a knife gliding through warm butter. But Lena was still fairly new at this, meaning she was incredibly tight. Lena felt Sasho stretching the furthest walls inside of her in all directions, causing her to moan out and scream with each thrust inside of her. Lena reached up and dug her nails into Sashos back, pulling him deeper inside of her. She looked into his eyes and knew the man looking back at her loved her deeply, and that they were now one soul occupying two bodies. Missionary position was Lenas favorite because of how intimate she could be with Sasho, but that didnt mean she didnt liked being taken from behind, either.

Lena looked back up at the camera recording her, wondering how beautiful this might all seem in playback.

I want to watch you ride me. Sasho breathed.

Yeah? Lena moaned through labored breathing.

I love watching those amazing tits of your bounce up and down, Sasho admitted.

Lena smiled as Sasho slipped out of her, his cock lathered in her forbidden nectar and dripping wet with it. He lay down beside her as Lena crawled on top of him and positioned her opening just above his throbbing head. She grabbed Sashos penis and rubbed the head all over her red hot clit which sent electricity surging through her pussy just before she slipped him between her lips and impaled herself on his full girth. This position allowed Lena even deeper penetration and soon she was screaming out in ecstasy.

Oh Sasho! Yes! God, fuck me! she screamed over and over as she began bouncing up and down on top of him while Sasho watched her massive breasts bounce freely on her chest up and down, over and over.

Sasho reached up and fondled Lenas breasts, occasionally pulling her further down and taking each one into his mouth. He was rolling her nipples over his tongue and catching them in his teeth ever so gently. Lena rode Sasho passionately, catching his head against every forbidden corner deep inside her with each movement. Lena ground her nails deep into Sashos chest and began to grind back and forth against him so hard that he started to cry out himself. Lena didnt want him to cum yet.

Here. Lena said, pulling herself off of Sasho and dripping all over him immediately afterward. Lena crawled beside Sasho and remained on all fours, offering her sex to him in the famed doggy-style position. Lena loved taking Sasho from behind since it was the only position he could hit her deepest walls with, and since it seemed to get him off the fastest. Sasho jumped up and quickly Lena felt him maneuvering at her opening. She couldnt imagine what she must look like from behind, soaking wet as she was. It wasnt Sashos cock she felt on her vulva first. It was his tongue. The sensation drove her wild as she suddenly realized she was being eaten out from behind, his tongue continuously lapping up at her swollen lips and penetrating her most private hole.

You taste like an angel. Sasho said as he began to lick all of the nectar dripping out of Lena and swallowed it. She felt his tongue dragging across her labia and her outer lips, scooping up all of her juices. He was literally licking her dry, and just as he finished, she felt the power of his erection rocket into the forbidden depths of her pussy.

God damnit! Lena cried out.

Oh Lena!

Sasho reached around and grabbed both of Lenas breasts firmly for support, and then began fucking her like his life depended on it. It was always fast and somewhat rough from behind, but thats how Lena wanted it. This position wasnt invented so much for intimacy as it was invented for primal release. Soon, Lena let go of all her inhibitions as she gave way to pure carnal drive and let her husband fuck her from behind. The sound of Sasho rocketing in and out Lenas sopping pussy was anything but romantic, but somehow the noise drove Lena wild. They were no longer making love, just fucking. And thats what Lena wanted, a good hard fuck. Fuck her Sasho did as he continued to slam into her from behind, slipping his hands from around her divine chest, down across her naval, eventually landing on her sensitive nub. The sensation of being penetrated and rubbed simultaneously caused deep pressure to build inside Lena one more time. With each thrust, Lena was driven that much closer to orgasm.

Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, Sasho, keep fucking me, oh God! Lena kept saying over and over.

Sasho pushed Lenas face down into the mattress and slammed into her one final time just as she burst out into a euphoric state that consumed her body and soul. Her pussy flooded with ecstasy and tingled all over as a numbing sensation coursed its way through her veins. Lena felt light headed as Sasho pulled out of her, completely coated in her cum, which continued to flow out of her slit down her inner thighs toward the back of her knees.

Get on your knees, Lena. Sasho half demanded.

Lena knew exactly what was coming, and though she had just cum, she was still hot enough that she wanted to participate in one final act of lovemaking with her husband: a facial.

I want to get this on camera more than anything. he added freely.

Lena managed to pull herself up and fell to her knees at the foot of the bed in anticipation of accepting Sashos cum. Lena was a sucker for a good facial too. And Sasho simply loved cumming over Lenas face. He wanted to share with his wife how amazing she made him feel. Facials were intensely erotic for Lena, as she reveled in the sensation of feeling her lover spill the essence of their lovemaking sessions across the delicate soft skin on her face. It was the most forbidden place to accept her lovers seed, which made many uncomfortable regarding the act itself, but Lena knew Sasho had no intention to degrade her. How could any act in lovemaking be considered such if it was committed by two consenting adults who were madly in love? Lena knew was that she loved the feeling of being covered by Sasho, and that he enjoyed covering her in turn. Sasho loved giving Lena facials because anybody could see her naked, but only he got to see her like this, so personally marked in such a forbidden way. When Sasho finally stood before Lena, she was shocked to see how soaked his cock was in her own juices. She could practically taste the smell of sex emanating from him now, the smell of her sex to be precise. Then, when he started to stroke himself over her face, Lena just stared up into his eyes feigning innocence.

I want you to cum on my face, Sasho. Lena stated. I want you to mark me, make me belong to you by spilling your seed on my face! Lena begged.

Sasho reached over and grabbed the camera from off the tripod and then used his one free hand to point it down at Lena, his other he needed to stroke his cock freely at her glistening, mascara ruined face. Lena looked up into the camera and smiled, hoping nobody would ever see her like this, or how she was about to be marked, either. How she looked so exposed and marked was something only for Sasho to enjoy. So she smiled up at him too and then blushed, knowing he was about to come.

You want my cum? he asked, Lena staring into his pulsating head, dripping with pre-cum.

I do. Lena admitted for the camera, reaching up and gently squeezing his balls.

Where? he asked.

I told you. On my face, Lena said again, playing the innocent so well, she hoped.

Oh, Lena, Lena, I cant believe Im going to come on that pretty famous face!

Sasho cried out and erupted, causing a thick strand of white-hot semen to rocket across Lenas face. It splashed down across her forehead and the upper bridge of her nose. The feeling of Sashos cum landing on her face caused Lena to squirm slightly, surprised at how hot she was getting all over again. A second rope struck Lena across her cheek and blasted her directly in her right eye, immediately sealing it shut with cum. Lena kept her other eye open and on Sasho who watched another jet of his sperm to splatter across her virgin cheek and up the side of her temple. Another large jet jumped out of her husbands erupting tool and landed just over the tip of her nose, dangling off of it like an icicle. Lenas freckled face was now a canvas that he wanted to paint with his seed. No detail was left ignored, no part of her face left unmarked as he continued to whitewash her lips, forehead, and cheeks until finally shaking off the last drops of his cum across her massive breasts. Lena just looked up at Sasho, her face covered in him. In that moment, she felt closer to him than at any point all night. For in that moment, she truly belonged to him sexually. She loved that she could fully trust another man with her sexuality so personally. Sasho just smiled, breathless, and seemingly completely taken aback by the cum-covered redheaded vixen kneeling before him. Lena wondered how many times this part of the video in particular would be played back over and over while her husband masturbated and then came all over himself

Wow was all she could manage.

I know youre beautiful already, but I love how beautiful you are now Sasho added, looking down at his cum-covered bride.

Thank you for making me this beautiful, Lena admitted.

You got a little bit of cum on your face there, honey. Sasho added.

I sure do! Lena admitted playfully.

Lena couldnt imagine how frightful she must look, but somehow the sight turned on her husband so much so that he never actually stopped masturbating, just slowed down, cum still slowly oozing out of his tip. She kept her right eye closed for fear of getting cum in it, which had happened before and stung to no end. Her eye had been irritated for nearly a whole day afterwards too. Was he going to stroke himself to another orgasm, Lena wondered about Sasho, still slowly masturbating at her face?

Lena look up at me. he said, still recording her messy facial.


Play with it for me.


Here, with this part here, Sasho said, reaching down and connecting the loose strand on her nose to her bottom lip. Lena opened her mouth wide and then closed it back up, causing the strand to expand and contract around her tongue, which she stuck out to playfully toy with the strand. She had never done anything so silly with cum, but she did love playing with it, she had to admit. She felt so slutty doing it, but her husband didnt seem to mind, cock stiffening up just a bit as she continued to open and close her mouth like this. Lena then put her hands to her sperm-coated cheeks and pulled a spider-web of semen strands away from her face, giggling all the while like a horny schoolgirl playing with her boyfriends first deposited orgasm on her body. She showed the mess of cum to the camera Sasho was still holding down at her and blushed. If a porn company had seen this, she was sure to get the part now, that much Lena was sure of. Still, the thought kind of intrigued her a little bit

What a sticky mess! Lena exclaimed.

Whats all over your face, Lena? her husband asked.



Yours. My beautiful husbands cum is all over my face.

Rub it in to your skin. Its good for your complexion.

Like this? Lena exclaimed.

Lena just looked up at Sasho and winked. Then, Lena reached up and rubbed Sashos sperm all over her face, smearing his creamy seed across her facial features until it coated her face completely. Sasho smiled and helped Lena up onto her feet and walked with her into the bathroom. There, he drew them a hot shower that he pulled Lena in to help her wash her face and body clean of all of their cum and sweat. When Lena was finally convinced that her face was clean again, she turned around under the shower head, vapor wrapped around their naked bodies, and pulled Sasho into a deep kiss, her hands finding his balls, completely drained now...

I love you so much, Sasho Lena said.

I love you too Sasho replied.

So want to watch the tape? he asked.


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