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[Fiction] Come To Me (piece of pure fluff)
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: 20, 2005 9:23 pm     : [Fiction] Come To Me (piece of pure fluff)

Already posted this on another forum. Let's see, if you people like it. It's quite short and it's pure fluff...so don't wait for any dramatic action. ;) I just don't have the heart to put the girls in any bad situations...or so it seems. ;)



Come To Me

Oh, come on. Are you done asking your stupid questions anytime soon? Another sigh. Probably the hundredths sigh in the past five minutes coming from the spiky-haired girl called Yulia Volkova. Ever since she and her red-haired singing partner Lena Katina shot to fame a few months ago with their band t.A.T.u., those annoying interviews with annoying questions and even more annoying journalists never stopped.

Both girls knew this was part of the job but today was just one of those days were Yulia was ready to jump that damn interviewer right in his damn face. Of course she knew she couldnt do that and so she decided to just stop participating in the interview at all before she would say or do something stupid. That would probably have been the wisest thing to do but of course the interviewer didnt agree on that and so he started to direct more of his questions to Yulia instead of Lena, who was still at least trying to be somewhat cooperative.

Lena knew by now how much her singing partner loved those interviews and she inwardly groaned every time she heard Yulia sigh. Pleeeeaaaase, dont start shouting, or cursing, or throwing things around, or attacking someone with your mobile. Not. Again. God, why cant that girl behave like a professional. I swear to God, if she sighs one more time Im going to strangle her.

It already happened more than once that Lena just had to leave the room for a few minutes while Yulia was whining and bitching around again because otherwise she surely would have lost her temper. The two girls usually got along quite well but every time Yulia started to behave like she was the best, the greatest, the biggest and most wonderful Lena just couldnt stand it.

And the redhead was feeling that one of those outbursts was about to happen when their current interviewer started to ask Yulia about the upcoming tour, a question both of them had already answered in their previous six interviews. Lena could virtually see the clouds over Yulias head forming and just about as lightning was to strike she brought the focus back to her and answered the question herself. She fake-smiled sweetly at the journalist and refrained from kicking Yulia under the table, because the girl had just sighed again.

Luckily for both of them the interview was brought to an end by their manager, who simply stated that time was up. The journalist politely said his goodbyes and left the room, while Lena was finally able to turn off her fake smile. She didnt even bother looking to her right where her singing-partner was sitting, knowing fully well the only thing she would receive would be a sour look and maybe something resembling a grunt.


The two girls hadnt even known each other before they were brought together by Ivan Shapovalov to form t.A.T.u.. He had an idea in mind. An idea that hadnt been realised until then. He wanted to create something different from all the other pop-starlets out there. He wanted his girls to sing about love, but not about the clich love you usually hear in your average pop-song. He wanted them to sing about love between girls and women and about the thin line between love and friendship.

As he told Lena and Yulia about his idea they were a bit sceptical at first but soon they started to share his enthusiasm about the project simply because it was something completely new. When he told them he wanted them to kiss in their videos and during their live-shows they were more or less instantly okay with it. Lena needed a bit of convincing because she thought she couldnt kiss Yulia and thus show her friendship/love for her when she had just met her and wasnt even friends with her yet. In her opinion that would be like faking something but Ivan assured her that a) they had to do it from the very beginning to be convincing and that b) that friendship/love would come on its own.

Now, a couple of months later, Lena was still waiting for that strong friendship to surface. And she was sure that Yulias feelings werent any different. It was true, they both couldnt really imagine living without each other but that was basically just because they were together all the time, even if they didnt want to. The kisses on stage were nothing special to them and the media-hype about them being lesbians didnt really bother them because as long as they and everybody around them knew those were just rumours they didnt care.


So, right now Lena was sitting next to her grumpy singing partner in a hotel room in St. Petersburg, where they were currently staying, waiting for their manager to come up to them informing them of what was to come next on their schedule. Yulia didnt even wait until their manager had said anything to them because he had promised her before that last interview that they would get, surprise, a break of 30 minutes. So she just got up and left the room, leaving a bewildered looking Lena and a frowning Ivan behind.

The manager stated the obvious: I guess she really wants that break.

With a slight chuckle Lena answered: Dont you dare making me go after her to tell her you were kidding and that the next interviewer is already waiting. She would probably bite my head off.

Ivan replied grinning: Not even I am that evil. Just go and have your own 30 minutes break.

Smiling at the man in front of her Lena got up as well, leaving to go to the hotel room she shared with Yulia, another one of Ivans ideas. He said it would make them more convincing if they shared a bed and they both didnt mind as it was actually a lot more convenient for them to stay in the same room because if people were searching for them, they were always searching for both of them anyway.

The redhead was quite sure Yulia had gone outside to have a smoke but as she entered their room she was surprised by her singing partner spread out on the bed, lying on her stomach. Yulia had her eyes closed and seemed to take a quick nap so Lena tried to be extra quiet but of course she crashed into the table, which was standing next to the door. Muttering curse words under her breath about stupid tables not paying attention on where theyre standing she suddenly heard soft giggling coming from the girl on the bed.

Where you trying to be extra quiet again?

I swear that table wasnt standing there when I came into the room.

Lenas paranoia made Yulia giggle even more and Lena, happy that her partner was apparently in a better mood, started smiling as well. Lena lazily strolled over to the bed and sat down next to Yulia. The dark-haired girl, who had still a slight smile on her pretty features, had her eyes closed again. Lena studied her face for a few seconds before she softly asked, if Yulia had slept at all the previous night. The redhead knew that the other girl suffered from insomnia, which made her grumpiness even worse.

After waiting for a reply for a minute or two Lena thought the other girl had fallen asleep when Yulia suddenly spoke up: Hmmmaybe a couple of hours. Im not sure though. Certainly felt like only a few minutes.

You know that thats not healthy, right?!

Yulia snapped: Well, its not like Im doing it intentionally. Apparently her mood wasnt as good as Lena had thought. The redhead just mouthed an okay before she got up and went to the bathroom.


Yulia knew what she was doing wasnt fair. Not to Lena, not to anybody else in their team. But she just couldnt help it. She knew exactly that the music business was a dangerous place and that you had to look out for yourself and couldnt trust anyone. Thats why she promised herself she wouldnt let anyone come too close to her. She was really afraid of getting hurt.



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Da da I like it! Please continue! Хорошо!
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: 22, 2005 10:47 am     :

Thanks for your feedback. ;)


30 minutes prove to be a very short amount of time when you want them to last, dreading whats coming after them. In our girls case what was coming were three more interviews. Both girls were equally tired of hearing the same questions and giving the same answers and by the time the second interview started even Lena was becoming quite grumpy, no longer smiling and just answering the questions as short as possible. The journalists had stopped asking Yulia altogether because they could see that one wrong word would unleash the Volkova tornado and they were not ready to die just yet.

Finally, after nine very annoying interviews, the girls watched the last journalist leave the room at about half past 7pm. Both let out a long sigh and leaned back in their chairs, waiting for Ivan to show up. Not a word was spoken between them, mostly because they were too tired to strain their vocal chords but also because they werent sure if they were on speaking terms. Lena didnt want to get snapped at again if she started a conversation and Yulia didnt know if Lena was angry at her because she was so cross with her a few hours ago. So the girls just sat there for about five minutes until their manager finally showed up.

Okay. You did great today. Glancing directly at Yulia he added: Both of you. Now, next were going to fly to Italy. Our plane leaves at about 5am tomorrow morning, which means you have to be ready by 4amthat should be enough time to drive to the airport. I am quite sure you still have some packing to do, he grinned knowingly, so you have the rest of the day off. You can either pack now and go to sleep afterwards or the other way around, just as you like it. Okay?

Both girls nodded slightly, smiled tiredly at their manager and dragged their exhausted bodies to their hotel room.

So, do you want to pack first or get up earlier to pack before we leave? Yulia asked softly, not sure Lena wanted to talk to her.

Inwardly smiling at Yulias soft tone Lena replied: Well, since you made the `get up earlier`-part sound so inviting Im opting for packing now and sleeping until the very last minute.

The shorter girl sighed relieved. Thank God. This in turn elicited a soft chuckle out of the redhead.

Packing didnt take them as long as expected, probably because they hadnt stayed long enough in this room to create a huge mess, like they usually did. After half an hour the girls were already finished and more than ready to go to bed. They both could barely hold their eyes open. They took turns getting ready in the bathroom and ten minutes later Lena turned off the bedside lamp and snuggled in under the blanket. The only things Lena could hear in the five minutes she remained awake were her own breathing, the breathing of Yulia lying next to her and the occasional rustle of sheets when Yulia would turn because she couldnt fall asleep.

That is sooo unfair. Why is Lena able to sleep and I am still awake?! Gosh, I cant believe this. You would think two hours of tossing and turning would wear you out but nooo. Its about 10pm now, which means there are only a couple of hours left until we have to get up again. Okay, stopping the thinking nowI am going to sleep.

Oookay, well, that sure did work good, Volkova. Oh, shut up. No, you shut up. No, you both shut uptelling voices, note the plural, to shut up in my head is probably not that healthy. Oh boy, I really need some sleep.

Around midnight Yulia was still wide awake, knowing fully well she would have to get up at half past 3am, probably even sooner. In the end she just decided to try until it worked and at about 00:45am she finally fell into a light slumber.


As usual, the black-haired girl instantly awoke as soon as the person assigned to wake them opened their hotel room door. The young man smiled at her briefly and left again, knowing she would wake up her singing partner, who was still in a deep sleep, snoring softly.

Yulia looked at the clock. It was 03:15am, which meant she had only slept for two and a half hours. She groaned and was quite sure she must by now look like a zombie because of all of that sleep deprivation. With a final sigh she looked at Lena, whose chest was steadily rising and falling. She really didnt want to wake her up because she looked so peaceful. At least one of us has to be somewhat well rested to deal with all the chaos out there. Ill just give her another 15 minutes.

Yulia, careful to not wake her bandmate up, slipped out of bed and tip-toed to the bathroom to get showered and ready for the day. This took her about 20 minutes so when she came back to the main room, where Lena was still sleeping peacefully, it was nearly 03:30am.

Just as Yulia was deciding on the good old shoulder-poking-technique to wake her partner up there was a loud knock on the door. The dark-haired singer barely had time to turn her head in the direction of the door when said door flew open, revealing a slightly tired looking Ivan. Happy to see the packed bags next to the door and Yulia ready to leave he smiled broadly and hollered a Good Morning into the room. At this sound Lena jerked awake, sitting upright in bed looking somewhat bewildered. As soon as Ivan noticed that his red-haired girl had been asleep until now and was far from being ready to leave, the smile vanished instantly and a frown appeared.

Why were you sleeping until now? Looking at Yulia he added angrily. Why didnt you wake her up?

Yulia wanted to reply but was interrupted by an exasperated Yulia! coming from a fuming Lena, who climbed out of bed as quickly as she could. As she headed for the bathroom, Ivan growled: You better make that shower a quickie! I want to see you downstairs in less than 10 minutes!

With that he left their room, Lena shut the bathroom door rather loudly and Yulia was feeling anger building up inside of her. You try to be nice by letting her get some extra sleep and what happens?! Of course you get snapped at because you didnt somehow mysteriously know that you were supposed to be ready to leave half an hour before that stupid manager told you to be ready. Next time Im not able to fall asleep Im ACCIDENTALLY going to kick her in the middle of the night. Grrr

Being angry enough to smash something in their hotel room Yulia decided it would probably be best if she left before Lena emerged from the bathroom again. Taking all her bags she struggled with the door for a few moments before it finally opened. Once outside in the hallway she kicked it close with her right foot and at the exact same moment the door slammed shut, the bathroom door opened, revealing a slightly unhappy Lena.

I am going to kick her scrawny little ass. I cant believe she didnt wake me. How about thinking about someone else for a change, Miss Almighty Volkova?! My hair is going to look like I got electrocuted because I have no time to blow dry it. Great, just great. Grrr

Lena got ready in record time and exactly 10min after Ivan had left their room she was hurrying to the lobbyonly to see that she was by far not the last one to arrive. The majority of their team wasnt there yet, which made her even angrier because she had hurried for nothing. She spotted Yulia sitting in one of the chairs, not looking particularly happy. Lena decided to sit down on a couch located nearly at the other end of the room from Yulias chair. This time Im not going to be the one making the first move. I have every right to be angry. She has to apologize!

From the corner of her eye Yulia noticed Lena entering the lobby but she was not going to acknowledge the other girl. She has no right to be angry at me. I am SO not going to apologize, if thats what shes waiting for. And where is that stupid manager anyway?! 15 minutes ago he barged into our room as if the plane was going to take off in two minutes and now we are sitting here. This day is not even four hours old and I already hate it

The girls had to wait another 10 minutes until their manager finally showed up. He smiled apologetically at both girls. Im sorry Im a bit late. I just couldnt find my mobile. He expected at least small smiles from the girls but even Lena couldnt come up with one and just grabbed her bags, ready to leave.

The drive to the airport was filled with a stony silence. Lena and Yulia sat next to each other in the backseat of the black car, each one staring out their respective windows. Fortunately for them they didnt have to pretend to be the best of friends because it was so early outside no one would notice anyway.

When they arrived at the airport and got out of their car Ivan stared at the girls, clearly waiting for them to hold hands as they usually did. Looking at their manager both girls thought the same though. Have fun waiting!

Seeing his girls hadnt made up yet Ivan turned around and entered the airport building. Boy, this is going to be a long flight.


After boarding the plane and taking their seats, which were of course next to each other, the girls heard that the flight was going to take about four hours. Hearing Lena sigh next to her Yulia felt her anger rise again. As if Im happy to sit next to her.

During take-off Yulia decided to not let Lena bother her anymore, so after the seat-belt-light (dont know what its calledsorry *lol* but you know what I mean) was switched off she curled up in her seat, her back facing Lena, deciding to try and get some much-needed sleep.

Oh, sleepyeahthanks to you I dont need anymore of that, do I?! Lena thought grumpily. Softening a bit the redhead continued to watch her singing partners back. Well, she certainly needs it. The last few days she was paler than usual. But she is not looking out for anyone else, so why should I worry about her, right?!

Focusing on the book in her lap again, Lena was oblivious to the fact that Yulia was very wide awake and again not able to fall asleep. Okay, it would have been a bit of a surprise if I would have been able to sleep on a plane, when Im tossing and turning in soft, comfy beds, right!? Thats pathetic

With that Yulia closed her eyes again, willing herself to fall asleep. There was nothing else she had to do anyway.


To be continued...

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: 23, 2005 6:23 am     :

I like it I like it! Please continue the story. It is very good! You capture moods perfectly! And the seatbelt light is actually just what it's called! ^_^

I am very sorry that no one else has commented yet, but please do not quit the story just because of them. I would rather look out for my one fan rather than 20 that I don't have! :) Thank you for continuing!! ^_^
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: 23, 2005 9:06 am     :

Yay. I have one fan. How cute. *lol*
*hands Kark a cookie*

Thank you for replying! :) It means a lot to me that at least one person reads my stuff. ;)

So, just for you...


After about four hours and a sleepless flight for Yulia the girls arrived in Italy. They had about an hour before they had to attend their first interview, which was for a TV station of all things. Yulia had large bags under her eyes and Lenas hair wasnt exactly at its best. So they had 45min to check into their hotel and make themselves somewhat presentable.

Yulias mood was by now at its absolute lowest. She was snapping at absolutely everybody and hadnt spoken a word to Lena since the incident that morning. Lena had no idea how they should give their interviews that day with Yulia being like this. Additionally it was dragging her down too. She hadnt cracked a single smile that day and even reading on the plane hadnt calmed her down. She was getting angrier at Yulia by the second because she was sure the other girl was going to spoil their whole day.

By the time they entered their hotel room the two girls had 30 minutes left to get ready. Yulia snatched her make-up out of her bag and went straight to the bathroom to try and cover up the dark circles under her eyes. Unfortunately, Lena had other plans in mind for their shared bathroom. She desperately wanted to somehow fix her hair. Thats why she barged into the bathroom only seconds after Yulia.

I need the bathroom. Now! Those where the first words spoken between the two girls for the last few hours.

Well, tough luck. I was here first.

Oh, very mature Volkova. I have to fix my hair because, thanks to you, I didnt have enough time this morning and now it looks like.argh.

Yulias only response to this was a roll of her eyes as she continued to apply her make-up, refusing to leave.

Oh, for heavens sake! Could you be any more childish!?!? Lena was really losing her temper now, enraged by the prospect of appearing on TV with her hair looking like a crimson afro.

Being accused of acting childish always managed to make Yulias blood boil even if she was completely calm and now it was just fuelling her rage even more. Grabbing all of her stuff at once she jumped up, glared at Lena and stormed out of the bathroom. When she passed Lena she deliberately bumped into the taller girls shoulder. Lena didnt even have time to react properly. She just turned around in time to see Yulia throwing her stuff into her bag. After doing so, the black-haired singer glared at the other girl and shouted: HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW IVAN WOULD SHOW UP HALF AN HOUR BEFORE HE SAID WE HAD TO BE READY?!!! I WANTED TO GIVE YOU AN EXTRA 15 MINUTES OF SLEEP AND WAS JUST ABOUT TO WAKE YOU WHEN HE STORMED IN!!!

Not even waiting for any reply Yulia stormed out of the room and slammed the door shut. At that sound Lena flinched visibly, realizing that she had been mistaken all along. She wanted to give me 15min extra?! So she does care about other people. Ooooh my GodI am SO stupid.

Not really knowing what to do now, Lena decided that she should tend to her hair first because she only had a few minutes left until the interview. That is, if the interview is taking place.

The easiest option was to just braid her hair and that was exactly what Lena was doing when she heard urgent knocking at her hotel room door. She half jogged to the door and on opening she saw a young woman standing in front of it. Lena recognised her as one of their stylists and was surprised to see her standing there, slightly out of breath.

Lenawe need your help. Yulia went completely crazy. She stormed into Ivans roomand is tearing it down right now.

The redhead was not quite sure why they wanted her to help. Unless they havent heard of our little disagreement of course. Lena started to protest but the other woman interrupted her.

Come on, Lena. You are her bandmate. You know her best.

HA! I dont know her at all. Was all Lena could think before she was dragged away to Ivans room.


The sound of crashing furniture and the occasional scream could be heard long before you could see the small crowd of people that had gathered in front of Ivans hotel room. Lena swallowed nervously as she was more or less dragged against her will to the soon-to-be-destroyed room. She is SO going to kill me if I set foot in that room.

All the people standing in front of the room were staring at her as if she was some magician who could magically make Yulia stop. I guess thats exactly what they want from me, huh?!

Taking a deep breath Lena stepped to the door but before she knocked she remembered something. Hey guys, could you please leave?! If I have to yell through that door I dont want everybody to hear. With a nervous chuckle the redhead continued, shes not going to kill me, you know?! I SO hope thats true.

After some sceptical glances all the people left and Lena was standing alone in the hallway, facing the door to the room that sounded as if a tornado was raging inside of it. Well, the Volkova tornado.

After another two or three calming breaths Lena bravely knocked on the door in front of her. The only answer she got was a scream and more crashing sounds. Sighing Lena decided on a different tactic.

Yulia?! Its me, Lena. I know Im probably not your most favourite person right now but I want to talk to you. No answer, but more crashing.

Im coming in now, okay?! Again, no answer. Please dont hurl a chair at me. Please dont hurl a chair at me.

Cautiously Lena opened the door to the crashed hotel room. The sight before her rendered her speechless. The redhead couldnt believe that such a tiny person could have done all this. No piece of furniture was where it originally had been. The couch was upside down, the table and chairs were thrown halfway across the room, only to be crashed at the wall. All the lamps were broken, even the bed was moved a few inches.

In the middle of the room there was Yulia, hair crazily messed up, panting heavily. She had a pillow in her hands and it looked like she had tried to rip it into half. Her right side was turned towards the door but as soon as it opened her head snapped in the direction of said door. She had heard Lena shout from outside but she hadnt believed the redhead would really enter the room.

Lena softly closed the door behind her, taking in the sight before her. Thank God shes only holding a pillow right now. Doesnt hurt that bad if she hurls it at me.

Clutching the pillow tightly Yulia was staring hard at the other girl. That girl was staring right back but with a much softer look in her eyes. They locked eyes and Lena noticed that Yulias eyes were even brighter than usual, burning with rage.

Not moving from the door Lena started to talk in a calm tone: YuliaIIm sorry about snapping at you this morning. I really am. I was just so angry about our manager barging in seeing me still asleep. And I didnt even know it was only 03:30am. I thought I was really late and it was something like 03:55am. Im really sorry I was so harsh. Smiling sweetly she added, And I really appreciate that you wanted to give me an extra 15 minutes of sleep. That was really sweet of you. Thank you.

Looking expectantly at Yulia for any kind of reaction Lena continued to stare at her smaller bandmate, who was by now no longer looking back but staring at the floor.

What happened next surprised Lena like nothing else ever had. Yulia let the pillow slowly slip out of her grasp and let out a shaky sigh. She flopped to the floor, her face in her hands, and started to sob uncontrollably. Lenas eyes widened in surprise but as soon as she had overcome her initial shock she rushed to Yulias side, knelt down next to her and wrapped her arms around the shacking body of the smaller girl. After a few moments Yulia clutched the front of Lenas shirt and started to cry into the other girls shoulder. The redhead was confused to no end but all that mattered right now was that there was a girl in her arms crying her eyes out and she had to stop that somehow.

With Yulia in her arms Lena noticed for the first time how fragile and tiny the other girl really was. Of course they had hugged occasionally on stage but that was different. Yulia was crying and had never looked as vulnerable as right now.

The redhead felt a strong urge to make Yulia feel better again. She started to rub small circles on the other girls back, whispering soothing words into her ear. Lena could feel her shirt getting damp with Yulias tears but she didnt mind at all. She just continued to speak softly to her until she could feel the other girl calming down bit by bit.

After a couple of minutes Yulias breakdown had subsided to occasional sniffs and hiccups. Lena still held her in her arms and Yulias hands were still curled around fistfuls of Lenas shirt. The redhead felt she should try and ask about what just happened and so she loosened her grip on the other girl a little bit. As a response she heard a small grunt sounding somewhat like Dont! Yulia apparently thought Lena was going to let go. Although she was quite surprised by that reaction, Lena tightened her hold on the smaller girl again and held her for another couple of minutes.

As the redhead noticed that Yulias breathing was back to normal, she gently pushed her away a bit. But she didnt let go completely. She kept her left arm around her, while she placed her right hand underneath Yulias chin to gently lift her head up. The dark-haired girl was still looking down though and was only lifting her gaze when Lena started to wipe away the wet marks on Yulias cheeks with her thumb.

After locking eyes for a millisecond Yulia registered what had just happened and, being completely embarrassed by that, she attempted to get up. But she was stopped by Lenas hands on her shoulders and her small, but sweet, smile. Heyits okaydont be embarrassed, hm?!

Looking down again and not knowing what to say the only thing Yulia could come up with was: Im sorry I ruined your t-shirt.

Continuing to smile slightly Lena replied: Dont worry. Its just waterand a little salt.

With a sigh Yulia looked up again and met Lenas gaze. Im still sorry though. I dont know what happened. With an embarrassed chuckle and a shrug of her shoulders she added, I just lost it, I guess

Lena was trying to study Yulias face but the girl was looking down again. Yeah, but why?

After briefly looking up the dark-haired singer replied somewhat snappy: You dont really want to know anyway.

With realisation dawning on her Lena said: I wouldnt ask, if I didnt want to know, would I?! Shes trying to make me angry so that she doesnt have to answer. Not this time, Yuli, not this time.

Yeah, as if I would ever tell anyone whats really going through my head. But she WAS holding me, so she has to care at least a little, right? And she does look concerned

Sensing Yulias hesitation Lena gently added: You can tell me, Yuli. Did I just call her Yuli?!

Did she just call me Yuli?! Thats new

After looking up again and meeting Lenas soft gaze Yulia cleared her throat. I guess it just got too much. The lack of sleep. Those annoying interviews. After a short pause she added even quieter and while looking down again: You being angry at me.

At the last sentence Lena flinched inwardly. Im partly responsible for this. She felt like she really had messed up and gently stroked one of Yulias bare arms. Im really sorry. In a hopeful tone she continued. You believe me that Im sorry, right?

Being momentarily distracted by Lena stroking her arm, which she had never done before, Yulia had some difficulty to notice she was being asked a question. When Lenas stroking motions suddenly stopped Yulias brain finally registered that a reaction was needed. So the smaller girl looked up, smiled shyly at the redhead and softly said: Yah

Yulia in turn was rewarded with a bright smile and a squeeze to her hand.

Both girls could feel that something had just changed; changed in their relationship. Lena felt like she had just seen a side of Yulia only very few people were allowed to see. There was more to that feisty, dark-haired girl that liked to bitch around and treat interviewers absolutely unprofessional; a lot more even. After everything that had happened since she opened the door to that hotel room she was very curious to find out more about the new Yulia.

Yulia in turn couldnt quite believe that she had just broken down in front of her bandmateand then had been held by that bandmate and then had been calmed down by that bandmate. In the end she had even told her bandmate the reason for her breakdownthe REAL reason. This shocked Yulia as much as it surprised her. Usually she would have irritated the other person until they got angry and gave up but somehow she had wanted to tell Lena what upset her so bad. She looked at me like no one ever had. She looked at me like she really was concerned. Maybe she is more than just a bandmate after all?

You know, Yuli, There, I said it again next time before you go ballistic you can come to me and talk. I know we are not the super-best-friends we claim to be but I can listen and I dont want you to carry around all your problems and never talk about them, okay?!

Surprised Yulia studied Lenas face, searching for any indicators showing if the other girl had just said that because she thought she was expected to or because she really meant it. Finding nothing but a look of compassion in Lenas green eyes and a sweet smile on her lips Yulia couldnt help but smile back, feeling better than she had in days.

The two girls continued to smile at each other, neither in a rush to move but unfortunately their manager chose exactly that moment to knock on his door before he carefully entered the room. Seeing the two girls sitting calmly in the middle of the destroyed room, facing each other, but currently looking his way, he knew everything was right again.

I got a little concerned standing in front of that door for about five minutes and not hearing a sound. I thought you had killed her, Yulia.

The dark-haired girl didnt really know what to say but luckily Lena saved her. Nah, she just scared me a little bitclutching onto that pillow like possessed. The three of them chuckled slightly, Yulia locking eyes with Lena, smiling extra sweet at her.

Well, looks like I need a new room. Too much pent-up energy, huh Yulia?! Grinning Ivan added: Next time: go to a gym. He continued to survey the damage. Lenas smile broadened and she couldnt help herself from pinching Yulias leg. When the smaller girl looked at her in surprise, Lena mouthed: Next time: come to me. Yulias face lit up with the brightest and cutest smile Lena had ever seen on her and she just had to smile back equally as bright, while thinking: Hm, she should definitely smile like this a lot more. Think I have to help her with that.

Ivan, noticing there was nothing he could save from his room, informed the girls that the TV interview was rescheduled and would take place later on. He also told them they had another 15 minutes until their next interview, this time for a newspaper. Both girls were sighing but knew it had to be done. They used the remaining 15 minutes to clean themselves up a bit and soon they were seated at a table again, facing an eager looking journalist.


To be continued...

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I love it I love it! It is very good. You put a lot of imagery into your stories. It's as if I can actually feel what's happening. :) Good job, very good job! Please continue. *eats the cookie* ^_^
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Oh please continue! It's sooo good. I love it how you make this story seemed like it really happened. This fic is so good, *sniff* I think I've got something in my eye. n.n *respects*
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I read it too very good work dw about the others they probably havent realised its here yet LOL. they will soon though ;)

ps i like your avatar Lena so happy LOL
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Wow. Feedback. SHOCKING!!! *lol* Just kidding...glad you like my stuff. :)


Altogether they were supposed to do five interviews for various magazines, one interview for a TV station and to top it all they had then to rush to a radio station in the late afternoon to answer some questions there. They were both used to this kind of stress but usually Yulia didnt demolish a hotel room followed by a breakdown. Adding her lack of sleep to her already worn-out state meant she was extremely exhausted after they had only finished their third interview. In addition these interviews took a lot longer and were a lot more strenuous because they were working with a translator.

Yulia had already started to glare at their interviewer again and Lena knew it wouldnt be long until the girl snapped again. This time she could actually understand it, having witnessed how drained Yulia looked while they got ready, which was about two hours ago. Poor girl. She looks completely exhausted. She really does need some sleep.

Additionally their current interviewer was a complete idiot. He knew absolutely nothing about them and even mixed up their names all the time. What happened to searching for background information?! Lena was growing slightly irritated herself. She sighed and looked to the left, where Yulia was sitting. The dark-haired girl was currently staring at her folded hands, which were in her lap. She looked as if she was controlling her breathing so as not to explode. Lena had to chuckle slightly. If that guy had seen that hotel room he would make sure to get our names right.

As luck would have it this interviewer was another one of those directing his questions primarily at Yulia. Lenas heart really went out to the other girl and seeing her look so tired evoked a new-found protectiveness for the other girl in her. So, while the journalist was talking to their translator, Lena reached out underneath the table, unfolded Yulias right hand from her left and linked it with her own. She gave it a gentle squeeze and started to stroke her thumb across the back of Yulias hand.

Oh, Holy Mother of all Goodness! What is she doing? I...Isheoy! Wait a minutewe have done that countless times before. Yeah, as part of an act for everyone to see. Nobody can see thistheres the table. I guess breaking down has its advantages, huh?!

Finally feeling more comfortable with the unfamiliar gesture Yulia returned the squeeze and started to move her thumb from time to time as well.

WhewI was just about to let go. She didnt look too happy at first.

From the moment they started holding hands Yulia calmed down a bit and the interviewers even dared to look at her again.


After finishing their five interviews they finally had time to grab a bite to eat and relax a bit. The TV interview was supposed to come up next and by the time they made it to their hotel room after lunch they had nearly two hours left until that interview.

The only thing on Lenas mind was to take a napand that Yulia really needed to sleep too. Are you going to lay down?

Why, Miss Katina, are you concerned about me? Yulia grinned. She was in a surprisingly good mood after their interviews were finished.

Blushing slightly at Yulias teasing, yet flirty, tone, Lena decided to be a bit cheeky herself. Actually, Im more concerned about our room because who knows whats going to happen if you dont get to sleep soon

Yulia just laughed out incredulously. What did you just say? Grabbing a pillow off of their bed she continued: I have a pillow and I know how to use it!

Remembering the last time she saw her dark-haired partner holding a pillow, standing amidst a destroyed hotel room, Lena started to giggle.

Whats so funny? Do you think just because I didnt attack you with the pillow the last time Im not going to do it this time? Yulia, too, remembered her holding a pillow when Lena came into Ivans room.

Lena continued to giggle until Yulia suddenly started to chase her around the room. I thought you were beyond exhausted?!?!

Well, I cant just let you get away with giggling at me, can I?

Last time I checked giggling was not considered a capital offence.

It is now! And with that Yulia smacked the red-haired girl over the head. Luckily, Lena was standing in front of their bed when the pillow hit her from behind. So she landed face-down on the bed but quickly rolled over to see what Yulia was going to do next. The shorter girl jumped onto the bed next to Lena and started to hit her with the pillow. Both girls were laughing uncontrollably while the redhead desperately tried to snatch away the flying pillow from her partner. Finally she succeeded and the pillow flew across the room to land in one of the chairs. Before Yulia could get off the bed to retrieve it, Lena quickly wrapped her arms around Yulias waist and pulled her down next to her on the bed. The girls were giggling so hard they had tears running down their cheeks and it took them about five minutes to calm down again.

Lenas left arm was still buried beneath Yulias body and when she pinched the dark-haired girl lightly in the side, soft giggling started again. The girls looked at each other, smiling happily and Yulia sighed contently. Why havent we done this a lot sooner? I havent had this much fun ever since t.A.T.u. started.

Lenas thoughts were not that much different. I never thought the Almighty Volkova could be this much fun. Thats definitely a plus.

On seeing Yulia suppressing a yawn, Lena noticed that she too was really very tired by now. Maybe we should try and take a nap while we can? We want to look good on TV, dont we? The girls smiled at each other once again, brought themselves into proper sleeping-positions and tried to fall asleep as soon as possible.

This time both of them had some difficulties in doing so. Oy. Here we go again. Am I not allowed to get any sleep until I faint?! Is that the plan?! Smart one!

Hmis having a hard time falling asleep contagious? Getting beaten up should have helped me to fall asleep instantly

Turning around Lena saw that Yulia was staring wide-eyed at the ceiling. Cant sleep again, hm?

No. I dont know whats wrong. I am SO tiredand beating you up should have made me even more tiredbut I just cant fall asleep.

Lena sighed, hearing how desperate Yulia sounded. Is there anything I could do?

I really dont know what could help me anymore, Yulia mumbled while closing her eyes.

Looking intently at the girl lying next to her Lena thought about a way to help her. After a while she reached out to stroke a strand of dark hair out of Yulias face while whispering: I really would like to know why you cant seem to fall asleep anymore.

Turning her head slowly to look at the red-haired girl Yulia smiled somewhat sadly and whispered back: Me too.

The two girls looked at each other for a couple of seconds, before Lenas eyes fell upon Yulias hands, which were lying on top of the blanket. She softly grabbed one of them and gently interlaced their fingers before saying: This calmed you down last time. After smiling at each other once again both girls closed their eyes and tried to fall asleep.

To her surprise a few moments later Lena heard Yulias breathing evening out, a sure sign that she had in fact fallen asleep. Wow. My hand works magic. Arghwhy do we have to be up in one and a half hours again?! Thats never enough to get her well rested.

With those thoughts on her mind Lena drifted off to sleep soon after her bandmate.


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Still very good ;)
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More! Must have more! The suspense is keeling me! 8D
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: 23, 2005 6:28 pm     :

Hm...you are fast...so I'll be fast too. :D

There's suspense in my story? *lol* Didn't even know that. *scratches head* :D


For the redhead this little nap was more like a light slumber. She was awake again after an hour and didnt feel particularly better than before. The first thing she noticed after waking up was some weight on her right arm. She slowly opened her eyes to see that Yulia had in her sleep turned around so that she was now facing Lena, her forehead resting next to the redheads shoulder. Their fingers were still entwined but now the dark-haired girl was completely hugging Lenas arm.

Lena was a bit shocked, so-to-say, so see Yulia this close but it didnt take her long to notice the peaceful expression on the other girls face and soon a feeling of happiness settled in. Shes asleep. Very fast asleep. Am I the reason for this?

The redhead continued to study Yulias sleeping form, stopping at her face. She looks so innocent when shes asleep. With that adorable little pout. Gosh, I never noticed how beautiful that girl really is.

Lena felt like she could continue to look at the small girl beside her for ages. She couldnt stop herself when she felt to urge to touch Yulias face and so she started to stroke the other girls cheek lightly with her fingertips. She didnt want to wake her up after all. Releasing a soft sigh Lena noticed they would have to get up in a couple of minutes and she really didnt want to wake Yulia. Even if I want to see those blue eyes looking at me againand that smileoyuhmmm

A plan formed in the redheads mind and she tried to move very cautiously to get up. She had some difficulties freeing her right arm from Yulias hug without waking her up but in the end she succeeded and was able to stand up. Before exiting the room Lena took one last look back at the bed and what she saw made her heart stop a beat. Yulia had in her sleep moved to the side of the bed where Lena had just been and right now the dark-haired girl was hugging Lenas former pillow, pressing her nose against it.

Why exactly Lena didnt know herself, but on seeing this she suddenly felt all warm and tingling inside, a feeling that was completely new to her. However, she didnt think much of it and dismissed it as being exited on finding a new side to Yulias personality. The smile on her face remained though and after eyeing the sleeping girl one more time Lena quietly left the room.


Hmmmmokay, question, why am I inhaling a pillow?! And where is Lena? Usually Im the first one to wake up. Those were the first thoughts crossing Yulias mind as she woke up again. She opened her eyes very slowly only to notice that the room was pitch black. Upon trying to switch on her bedside lamp all she managed was to hit the pillow next to her. Huh!? Why am I on the left side of the bed? Thats usually Lenas. After figuring out where the lamp was, Yulia switched it on and the room was cast in soft light. Looking around a bit confused she noticed that she was indeed alone, with Lena being nowhere in the room. The dark-haired girl checked her watch to see how long she had slept and instantly began to panic. Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!!! Its nearly 8pm! I slept for five hours?! What about all those interviews? Oy, Ivan is going to kill me! And Lenashes going to be totally pissed off too.

Jumping out of bed, Yulia raced into the bathroom to fix her hair and ten seconds later she hurried to the door, attempting to go and search for somebody, anybody, to tell her what happened. The moment she yanked the door open Yulia found herself face to face with Lena. The curly-haired girl had just tried to open the door from the outside and now the two girls were facing each other, both quite shocked by the other ones sudden appearance. Yulia was the first one to find her speech again.

What happened? Have you seen how late it is? I missed all the interviews! Im so sorry! I really wasnt expecting to sleep for five hours!

Instead of an angry scowl, like she had expected, all Yulia got as a response from Lena was a cute smile and a gentle push, indicating to go back into the room. After closing the door behind her she spoke up: What happened is that I spoke to Ivan and told him that you finally fell asleep and that you really, really needed to sleep and I asked him if it would be possible if I made those lame interviews alone. After a bit of convincing, you know, puppy-dog eyes and a pout, he finally agreed and thats why you missed the interviews, you lucky thing.

Yulia couldnt quite believe what Lena had just told her and so she was just standing there, open-mouthed, staring at the red-haired girl. I cant believe she did that. Ohwow!

Noticing Yulia staring intently at her Lena got quite embarrassed and started to blush. Just as she was about to look down she saw the shorter girl move towards her and after a mere blink of an eye Yulia had her arms flung around Lenas neck, hugging her tightly. The warm and fuzzy feeling appeared once again and this time Lena made it even worse by returning the hug and therefore bringing Yulia even closer.

Shes hugging back, yay! And boy, does this hug feel good.

Inhaling Lenas scent made Yulia suddenly go weak in the knees and she was quite sure, if it werent for Lena holding her, she would surely no longer be able to stand. Wow! Why havent I noticed this a lot sooner? Burying her head in Lenas shoulder the dark-haired girl whispered: Thank you for letting me get some sleep.

Feeling Yulias hot breath on her neck made Lenas insides tingle even more and she had to suppress a shiver. Okay, this is getting too much.

After taking a deep breath Lena slowly let go. Reluctantly the other girl removed her arms too and took a step back. Smiling at her partner the redhead said: Youre welcome. I hope you feel better now?

After that hug!? Oh yes, definitely.

Yeah. A lot better actually. Thanks again. Oy, there it is again. That smile. Is it me or is it suddenly really warm in here?!

How did the interviews go?

Well, you knowthe usual. Usual questions, usual dumb interviewers, usual bored-out-of-my-mind-ness. At this response Yulia started to giggle and Lena couldnt help starting to smile too. The two girls simply stood in the middle of their room, smiling at each other. They both knew how ridiculous that had to look but they just couldnt help it.

After just staring and smiling wordlessly at each other for a couple of minutes Yulia suddenly spoke up: Whats next on our schedule anyway? And when is itjust so I know when to fall asleep again.

Smiling Lena replied that there were still a few more interviews to come because Ivan had decided they both had had enough rest and were able to do a few more. Surprisingly to Lena Yulia didnt complain at all. She just nodded and asked for time specifics.


The first interview started about an hour after Lena came to the hotel room. Everyone present at the interview was shocked that Yulia answered most of the questions and she even smiled from time to time. Sleeping for a couple of hours apparently really lifted her mood.

I dont understand why everyone is so shocked that Im behaving well. Im usually not THAT bad. Okay, maybe I ambut Lena deserves some restshe did all this today on her own.

Taking a look in the direction of Lena the other girl instantly looked back at Yulia. At this, both girls just had to smile and while the interviewer was talking to their translator yet again, Yulia gave Lenas hand a gentle squeeze underneath the table. Feeling the other girl squeeze back, Yulia decided to NOT let go again and instead interlaced their fingers. Lenas smile got even wider when she noticed how Yulia started to play with her fingers. The redhead decided to tease the shorter girl a little bit and so she started to constantly move her fingers, so that Yulia couldnt really play with them anymore. As soon as the dark-haired girl noticed this, she started to squeeze Lenas hand as hard as she could, a wide smile plastered on her face. The redhead started to giggle and just before she wanted to scream, Yulia released her grip again. Looking at the other girl with a smile that said You know you shouldnt do this and a shake of her head, she couldnt help but notice how absolutely perfect Lenas smile was. The two girls were completely lost in their own world, staring at each other. They didnt even notice there were still some questions to be answered. Finally, after their translator had asked them one of the questions for the third time, Lena came back to reality. She gave Yulia one last smile, squeezed her hand once more and continued the interview. The girls hands stayed entwined for the rest of the interview.


At about 1am they had finally finished their last interview and were allowed to go to bed. Their manager had informed them that there was going to be a photo-shoot the next day. This meant they had to get up at about 6am again.

Although Yulia had slept throughout the whole afternoon she was tired as hell again, and so was Lena. They slowly made their way to their room in comfortable silence. Once they were there they quickly got ready for bed and soon both were snuggled in under the blanket.


HmI like it when she calls me that.


Would youmaybelike to come closer? I cant believe I just said that.

What did she just say?!?!

To explain herself Lena quickly added: I meanit apparently helped you to fall asleep this afternoon. SoI meanonly if you want to of course

Lena didnt even fully finish her last word before Yulia responded with a happy Yes! Carefully, the shorter girl scooted closer but she could sense that the redhead was stiff as a board. This in turn made her go rigid as well. Frustrated with their situation Yulia whispered cheekily: Im not going to drool on you, you know?! Hearing Lena laugh softly and feeling her relax made the dark-haired girl smile and relax too and she happily snuggled up to Lena, who in turn gave Yulias arm a light squeeze.

Goodnight, Yuli.

Goodnight, Lena.



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ahhh so beatiful. MORE!
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I loved both of it all so much! You really do this very well you know? MORE MORE! :D *is waiting in suspense*
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Lexxi ():
Hm...you are fast...so I'll be fast too. :D

There's suspense in my story? *lol* Didn't even know that. *scratches head* :D

Yeah you keep me waitin during the most im[ortant parts!xD j/k=)
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These are really great Lexxi and it appears I am hooked as well!! lol I look forward to more installments. You are very talented.
love volkova_

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wow!!! its verry good!!! when i read iti got lost in the history, please cotinue!!!
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Wow Lexxi, You have me by the hook like a fish would be on a hook. I can't wait till you post more! I love fanfics. They are so fun to read and now I'm going to wait and wait! Oh and that part when Yulia was trashing the room,it made me laugh because when she held the pillow and snapped to the door, I could picture that! This story made my day..SCREAMING FOR MORE! hehe..
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Thank you guys sooo much for reviewing. You really made my day. :)


A couple of hours later there was a soft knock at the girls hotel room door. After receiving no answer to that knock the person wanting in slowly opened the door. The young man had been sent to wake them up. Now he scanned the room and saw that both girls were still asleep. His job would have been to go over to the bed to wake them up, but instead the man just turned around, closed the door again and ran to search Ivan.

What caused this reaction was the way the girls were sleeping. There was easily enough room for another person in this bed right now because Yulia and Lena were lying completely entangled. Yulia was lying on her back, with Lena snuggled up to her left side. Their legs were entwined and their arms were wrapped around each other. Lena rested her head on Yulias left shoulder and the dark-haired girl had her face buried in the mass of thick, red curls. They were completely oblivious to the world around them and sleeping as deep as they hadnt in months.

Five minutes after the young man entered the girls room for the first time he stepped into it once again. He had found Ivan and told him what was going on but the manager had just told him to wake them up. He had no idea what the best way to do that would be. The girls just looked too peaceful sleeping in each others arms. He was distracted from his train of thoughts by movement coming from the bed. Apparently Lena was just about to wake up. The young man sighed relieved and decided to just let them wake up on their own. He carefully left the room and softly closed the door again.

Hmmmwhen did I die and went to heaven? What is this anyway? Its warm, its softand it smells really good. Oh, and it moves. Wait a minute?! It moves?!?!

Panicking Lena opened her eyes in mere milliseconds. She tried to lift her head but something heavy was lying on her hair. She looked down again and saw that half of her body was lying on somebody else and finally it dawned on her. Thats Yulia.

Sighing relieved the redhead relaxed again. Yulia, having nearly woken up when Lena tried to lift her head, pulled the other girl even closer in her sleep. On feeling Yulias arms tighten their hold on her, Lena felt all warm and tingling again. I cant believe how good that feels.

The redhead buried her face in Yulias shoulder and inhaled her scent. Good Lord, let this never end.

The slight movement of Lenas head was enough to wake Yulia up. She didnt need as long as the other girl to register what was going on. It was enough for her to see nothing but red curls and to hear Lenas soft sigh. The dark-haired girl wasnt quite sure if she should let go or hold on and waited for any indication if the other girl was awake or still asleep. Because if shes awake and doesnt move she has to be okay with it, right? God, I hope she is. It feels so good to hold her like this.

Becoming aware of the change in Yulias breathing Lena knew the other girl was awake as well. She had to smile at the fact that the dark-haired girl didnt let go. Filled with happy thoughts and tingling sensations the redhead started to draw small circles with her finger on the other girls bare shoulder.

On feeling this, Yulia nearly forgot to breath. She really liked this new closeness between them. She really liked it a lot. She also liked that feeling she got in her stomach every time Lena touched her, or even just smiled at her.

Both girls were desperate for that moment to go on forever but they also knew they had to get up real soon. Sighing Yulia buried her face deeper in Lenas soft curls and whispered: Good morning.

Lena replied with a smile evident in her voice: Good morning to you too. Did you sleep well?

After inhaling the redheads scent one last time Yulia simply stated: Perfect.

She lifted her head so that Lena could move her head as well and when they looked at each other a second later their faces where just inches apart. Lenas hand stopped its movement on Yulias shoulder. She was completely consumed by that breathtaking face in front of her. Yulia in turn was mesmerized by every tiny freckle she could see in Lenas face. She had never realized how cute that really looked. The girls were locking eyes and both became aware of every bit of bodily contact they had. Yulia felt Lenas hand on her bare shoulder and how her skin was tingling in that very place. Lena suddenly realized Yulias fingertips were touching the bare skin between her pants and her shirt. It felt like they were burning little holes into the small of her back.

She could also feel Yulias breath on her lips, which was driving her absolutely crazy. Her eyes started to flick between the most beautiful blue orbs she had ever noticed on anybody and the most delicious looking lips she had ever seen.

Yulia in turn was also highly aware of how soft Lenas lips looked and she felt a very strong urge to look how soft they really were. Both girls slowly moved forward, not knowing how the other one would react. Moistening their lips one last time both girls closed their eyes, waiting for their minds to be blown away.

But the mind-blowing kiss never happened. Before their lips could touch the girls were interrupted by Ivan knocking at their door. Yulia and Lena jumped apart, both suddenly sitting on their sides of the bed, no longer touching anywhere. As usual, their manager didnt wait for any reply before he yanked the door open to see if his girls were awake by now. Noticing that they were still in bed and not looking particularly happy to see him he put on the sweetest smile he could muster.

Good morning, ladies. Slept well? Good. So, as you know, we have that photo-shoot today and because you are a bit latethat guy isnt even able to wake somebody upidiotone of you is going to get ready here and the other one is just going to take my bathroom, okay? Thatll be quicker. SoLena, just grab your stuff. Youre coming with me.

Lena couldnt even come up with a protest. She was way too confused for that right now. So she just grabbed what she needed and followed Ivan to his room, without even glancing back at Yulia, who was still sitting on the bed. The dark-haired girl just continued to sit there for another five minutes because she couldnt understand what had just happened with Lena. After deciding that she was not going to sort this out in the fifteen minutes she had to get ready, Yulia postponed her internal discussion until later.


About half an hour later the girls saw each other again. They were standing in a room with about ten other people. Those people were part of the photographers crew and right now Yulia and Lena received instructions about the organization of the shoot.

So, first were going to make some pictures of each of you alone. Later, were going to take pictures of the two of you together. To speed this up a bit youre each going to get your own photographer for your solo-pictures. So no one has to wait. You, he pointed at Yulia, are going to work with my lovely assistant. And you, pointing at Lena, are going to work with me. Is that alright? Both girls just nodded because, frankly, they didnt really care and just wanted to get this over with.

Yulias good mood from the interviews on the previous day had disappeared long ago. She really did not want to take pictures right now, when her thoughts were on a completely different issue. Somaybe I was just curiousif she kissed in private as she does on stage. Oh, shut up, Volkova! We both know that feeling you got was waaay more than curiosity.

Yulia carefully looked in Lenas direction to see if the other girl seemed troubled at all. Hmshe seems to be a good actress. What happened this morning HAS to make her think. Oh wow, look at that smile. Shes lighting up the whole room. Andher eyeslipsso soft...

Uhmexcuse me, Yulia. Could you please look this way?

Grrrrstupid photographer. Shes not even the real photographer, just his assistant.

Jesus! Yes! Dont get your panties in a knot! The black-haired girl was obviously not that happy when being interrupted in her observance of Lena.

The redhead threw a quick glance at her bandmate, noticing how irritated the girl was yet again.

Apparently Im not the only one who really doesnt want to do this damn photo-shoot. Gosh, all I want to do right now is crawl back into bed with Yuli next to me and never get up again.

Lena had a really hard time concentrating on the photographer in front of her, constantly stealing glances at her, by now, most favourite spiky-haired girl in the world.

This girl was currently giving her photographer a really hard time. The poor woman was even afraid to give her model any kind of instructions because all Yulia ever did was snap back at her. In the end they had not a single picture with Yulia smiling but the photographer was just happy that it was over.

Next were the pictures with both girls together. The photographer had witnessed Yulias outbursts and was slightly concerned that the photo-shoot would get all messed up now with both girls in the picture. Additionally, the girls seemed to behave a bit awkwardly around each other. They were not really looking at the other one, just occasionally stealing some glances.

Both girls became more and more frustrated with themselves, until Lena finally moved closer to Yulia and whispered in her ear: This is ridiculous. Its just usit shouldnt be this awkward

Stepping back again Lena noticed Yulia sighing and nodding her head slightly. The girls locked eyes and small smiles formed on their lips. Lena didnt really think about what she was doing when she lifted her left hand to softly stroke Yulias cheek. The girls were lost in each other once again, but, as usual, they were interrupted. This time by the photographer clearing his throat as a sign that he was ready to start.

The man was really surprised to see Yulia smiling at the camera when he took the first picture. He had expected something like a scowl or an angry glare.
As usual the girls had been given instructions to get really close to each other. At any other time this wouldnt have been a problem but this time they desperately tried not to look each other in the eye because they were afraid they would lose it again if they did.

Lena felt like she was going to faint any minute because she could feel Yulias breath on her neck again and Yulia nearly got dizzy from the wonderful scent of Lenas hair.

The redhead got tingly all over when she felt Yulia wrapping her arms around her neck and pulling her closer. As she became aware of the other girl softly nuzzling her delicate skin Lena just couldnt suppress a shiver going through her body.

Feeling her most favourite redhead react to her like this, created goose-bumps all over Yulias body.

The girls were no longer able to fully smile at the camera because they had to concentrate so hard on not losing it. They were only aware of each other and nothing else. They could only feel each other, only smell each other and only hear each other.

They did change positions from time to time to get different pictures but they hugged in all of them. And they held each other really close. Their hugs had never been this intense before and neither girl wanted to let go completely while changing positions. They always had at least some contact.

The need to get even closer to the other one became stronger and stronger. They both felt like wanting to crawl underneath the other ones skin to fulfil that desire.

Before things could heat up even more though, the photographer declared the photo-shoot finished after he noticed how absent both girls were.

Reluctantly the girls let go of each other. In an attempt to prevent things from getting all awkward again Yulia smiled sweetly at her most favourite redhead. Please dont be freaked out. Please dont be freaked out

Wanting things to stay normal between them too, Lena smiled back. Oy, Yuli, stop smiling at me like this or Im no longer responsible for what Im doing

Upon seeing Lenas smile, a feeling of pure happiness spread through Yulias body. She didnt exactly know why but she was convinced that everything was going to be okay between the two of them. The exact same feeling was dominating Lenas entire being as well at that moment. She just knew everything would be alright.


To be continued...

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Oh my God this is AMAZING! Please keep posting! It brightens my face up every time I see this! :D
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